Viral Video Pastor Claims Hillary Clinton Is Demon-Possessed With Doctored Video

Some viewers of a video released earlier this week called Hillary Clinton demon-possessed, but most were, presumably, joking. However, viral video pastor Joshua Feuerstein took the claim a step beyond, not only seeming to suggest it seriously but calling for Alex Jones of Infowars to investigate.

The original video is admittedly odd in appearance. A reporter asks Clinton if she discussed vice presidential choices with Elizabeth Warren, and is apparently startled. She suddenly turns, jerks quickly away from the reporter speaking, and shakes her head for several seconds.

Instead of answering, she says, “You guys have got to try the cold Chai.”

CBS reporter Hannah Chanpong shared the video on Twitter, where it has gotten numerous retweets. The video, and some of Clinton’s expressions in it, have been used to claim that she must be suffering health problems and perhaps seizures.

Hillary Clinton demon-posessed, claims pastor
[Image via Twitter]

However, viral video pastor Joshua Feuerstein took his claims further. First, he chose to share a version of the video that was edited to include multiple views of the head-shaking, and was also slowed down. While the video posted by Chanpong shows the entire incident lasting under 11 seconds, Feuerstein’s version is over a minute long.

Then there’s his commentary.

“Is Hillary demon possessed? I say YES!! Watch this and decide.. (look at the ladies shocked reaction at :33) ‪#‎shareifyoucare‬
Alex Jones should investigate this… seriously.”

Below appears to be the “shocked reaction” Josh mentions. Note that even at this moment, though the two leftmost reporters look startled at Clinton’s reaction, the third is simply leaning in for her response — further supporting that Hillary Clinton’s odd incident was so brief that not even all present responded visibly before it was over.

Hillary Clinton demon, says pastor
[Image via Facebook]

Feuerstein’s version of the video is getting a lot of attention, with thousands of shares.

If he hoped to draw Alex Jones’ attention to the video, he was perhaps successful. Jones, who has been called “…almost certainly the most prolific conspiracy theorist in contemporary America” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and rumor-stopping site Snopes has referred to Infowars as “a conspiracy-oriented web site,” as they corrected claims on an unrelated story last month.

Sure enough, InfoWars followed Feuerstein’s post by sharing what appears to be the same doctored video, also mentioning the claim of demonic possession.

“Hillary looks like her inner demons are trying to escape.”

Playing the original video above, then the doctored, slowed video, below, shows a significant difference in the length and severity of the incident.

In addition to Feuerstein’s shares, this version of Clinton’s incident has nearly half a million views on YouTube and more than another 11,000 shares via the InfoWars site.

Though it is spreading far, the video is, clearly, misleading as an indicator of the actual scope of the incident.


It’s not the first time that viral video preacher Joshua Feuerstein has associated Hillary Clinton with demons or the devil. Earlier this month, he shared an edited image of Clinton together with a man in a devil costume, with text reading

“Hilary announces VP selection for 2016!”

The post edit history shows that when he initially shared the photo, the evangelist added the caption

“Its OFFICIAL! Hillary Clinton has chosen her father as VP! #SHAREifyouCARE”

Feuerstein has previously been connected to controversy when he called for Christians to arm themselves and protect police officers, declaring he would “fill…with sixty rounds of lead” anyone who he thought was threatening an officer. Before that, he was the driving force behind boycotting Starbucks over red cups.

If she has an opinion on a pastor claiming she is possessed by a demon, Hillary Clinton has not publicly responded to say so.

[Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images]