South Korean Men Reportedly Wear A Ton Of Makeup

A recent market study has revealed that South Korean men spend quite a bit of money on skin care products. According to the folks at NPR, appearance means a lot to guys in the country, resulting in its male residents consuming nearly 20 percent of the world’s skin care products. So if you see a police officer applying lipstick while directing traffic, don’t assume that he’s preparing for his off-duty drag show. Chances are he just wants to look his best when he’s issuing you a speeding ticket.

“Having a clean, neat face makes you look sophisticated and creates an image that you can handle yourself well,” college student Cho Won-hyuk explained to the Associated Press. “Your appearance matters, so when I wear makeup on special occasions, it makes me more confident.”

South Korea is reportedly the largest market for men’s skincare products on the entire planet. In just one year, guys spent over $495 million on items designed to improve their appearance. The trend has become so popular that it’s not uncommon to spy men applying makeup from their cosmetic compacts in public settings. In South Korea, clear, beautiful skin is allegedly a sign of social and financial success.

“In this society, people’s first impressions are very important. A man’s skin is a big part of that impression, so I take care of my skin,” Kim Deuk-ryong said to the AP.

In addition to makeup and skincare products, South Koreans also spend a lot of money on items designed to whiten their skin. In fact, the lightening of skin is extremely big business all across Asia. In addition to over-the-counter creams, South Koreans have spent quite a bit of money on whitening pills and injections. Side effects from these procedures include nausea, vomiting, and stomach ache. Looking your best isn’t without its problems.

For the time being, it would seem that men’s makeup and skincare products will continue to generate tons of cash for the cosmetics industry. Do you think it’s weird for South Korean men to spend so much time and money on these products?