‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Updates From ‘BB18’ House On Sleepy Sunday [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers have been pretty prevalent since the last eviction. The BB18 house has a new Head of Household, has made the Week 5 nominations for eviction, and has even competed in the Week 5 Veto competition. Fan site Hamsterwatch does a great job of keeping up with how many times each houseguest has won competitions during the summer. James Huling just won the HOH competition, which marks the first time since Team Unicorn won the first challenge that he has had any success this season. That credit went to Victor Arroyo anyway.

James Huling then had to make two nominations for eviction this week, and he went with Bridgette Dunning and Frank Eudy. There was a lot of urging from Paulie Calafiore to go in this direction, with Paulie convincing James that he needed to nominate both Bridgette and Frank to keep the BB18 house happy. A report from Joker’s Updates went over the information that was coming out on the live feeds, noting also that Paulie then lied to other houseguests and acted surprised when Bridgette shows up on the nomination wall.

Additional Big Brother 18 spoilers come from the Veto competition that took place late Saturday evening (July 23). There was a heat warning near where the BB18 house is located, forcing the houseguests to wait until after 8 p.m. PT to even get started in the competition. That set everyone up for a lot of anxious time before they finally went to the backyard. Frank and Bridgette each knew how important it was going to be to win this Veto, with Frank imploring Bridgette to use it on herself if she won the power to choose.

The participants in the Week 5 Veto competition were James Huling, Bridgette Dunning, Frank Eudy, Michelle Meyer, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Nicole Franzel. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it was Michelle Meyer who ended up winning the Power of Veto. After the competition took place, nearly everyone in the BB18 house (other than Frank and Bridgette) could be seen celebrating in the pantry. On Sunday morning, Frank approached Michelle to try to convince her that she should use the Veto on Monday (July 25).

A report from Joker’s Updates also carried most of the conversation that Frank Eudy had with Michelle Meyer late Sunday (July 24). James Huling was also in the room as part of the conversation. Frank suggested that the BB18 house could put up Da’Vonne Rogers and that Nicole Franzel was trying to pass that idea on to other houseguests. He also went on to state that he and Bridgette would target Zakiyah Everette and Victor Arroyo should they win HOH next week. After he left, James and Michelle immediately talked to Nicole, who denied knowing anything about this plan.

Frank is on very thin ice in the house and the next round of Big Brother 18 spoilers will likely guarantee that he is the one leaving the BB18 house next. Most fans will likely understand that Frank is trying to do anything he can to prolong his life in the game, but he is really slamming the door on other people who may have supported him longer. Now it seems very clear that Frank Eudy will get evicted during the July 27 eviction ceremony. That will likely leave Bridgette Dunning as the main target in the house unless she can find a way to win the next HOH competition.

The real drama in the BB18 house could come when the next Head of Household has to nominate someone as a “pawn” next to Bridgette Dunning. What could really shake things up would be either Bridgette or Victor Arroyo winning the HOH, as it would almost guarantee that a showmance would end up on the block. Before all that drama can play out, the Veto ceremony has to take place on Monday afternoon, which will then lead to more Big Brother 18 spoilers for fans to devour. Unless the houseguests decide to nap all day (again).

[Image via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]