Leonardo DiCaprio: Living It Up, Lonely, Or Prolonging Appearance Of Youth? An Expert Reveals Reasons For Star’s Womanizing Patterns

On the surface, it appears that Leonardo DiCaprio has really got it made. He’s a master at the box office and has finally received an Academy Award thanks to his performance in the epic tale The Revenant. In addition, DiCaprio seems to have the pick of just about any gorgeous young model he would like and is currently dating yet another Victoria’s Secret model.

The party boy and advocate for climate change is often seen with a harem of gorgeous beauties surrounding him, and he has also managed to carry on a number of more serious relationships throughout the years. Yet, all seem to end with Leo moving on to the next beauty on the scene.

As noted DiCaprio, 41, is currently spending time with 24-year-old Danish model Nina Agdal. Last week, the pair were spotted wrapped up in each other on the Malibu sands. The Mirror reminds that Leo was roughly Agdal’s age when he began dating Victoria’s Secret Angels, and now he’s nearly two decades older than the majority of the average Angel. A relationship expert shares that DiCaprio seems to be following this recurring pattern as a means of fulfilling a fantasy. The publication shares the words of expert Dr Gilda Carle.

“Relationship guru Dr Gilda Carle says the actor is a classic ­’modeliser’ – someone who cannot stop ­themselves pursuing ‘fantasy’ women, even when they know it never works out. She says: ‘People who are ­modelisers have a particular need for the fantasy. These women ­Leonardo dates do not represent real women, they represent a ­make-believe image – they are beautiful pieces of sculptures on his arm.’”

The expert went on to explain the dynamic that draws the actor to the models and the models to the star. It is evident that the physical appeal and seeming perfection of the young women causes Leo to gravitate, while the women are attracted to stardom, yet when reality sets in, the fantasy crumbles and the star moves on.

“They work for him. They want to be seen with him and he wants to be seen with them. To all of us, the fantasy at first looks better than the reality, but most of us grow out of that. ­Leonardo hasn’t.”

As noted, DiCaprio has experienced some more successful relationships than others. Gilda explained what causes Leo’s relationships to eventually fizzle.

“Addiction is too strong a word, but it is too tempting not to go there. He probably ends these ­relationships when he realises these women are actually real. That they have real issues, real needs. He is not interested in ­satisfying their needs. If it’s too real and messy he is not interested.”

Another point the expert makes is that DiCaprio came from a rough background, which made him feel like he had become famous to escape the scenes he witnessed as a child.

The publication reminds that Leo stated, “He was determined to do better and described finding fame as ‘like winning the lottery.’ So the fear of losing it could be another reason for having a younger woman on his arm.”

Although Leo has not held down many long-term romantic relationships, this does not mean there aren’t special women who are constants in his life.

Leo is extremely close with his mother, about which Gilda stated, “Usually men who are fixated with taking care of their mum are less inclined to find a mate.”

Additionally, Kate Winslet and Leonardo have carried on a strong platonic bond ever since filming Titanic together, as Entertainment Weekly relayed earlier this year.

Kate even went so far as to tell Leo during her Oscar acceptance speech in 2009 how in love she is with the star, stating, “I’m so happy I can stand here and tell you how much I’ve loved you for 13 years,” to which he blew a kiss.

Gilda notes that having stable women as emotional supports, such as Kate and his mother, make Leonardo DiCaprio less inclined to look for a more meaningful romantic relationship.

[Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]