Vicious Tiger Attack Video: Tigers Maul Mom And Daughter, Kill Mom During Family Fight

Two women, a mother and daughter, were attacked and mauled by a couple of Siberian tigers at a wildlife enclosure in Beijing, China, over the weekend, leaving the mother dead from her wounds, according to a state-run newspaper. The tiger attack occurred during a reported family altercation. And the horrific incident, at least the first few seconds, was captured by the park’s closed circuit television (CCTV) video cameras.

The Guardian reported on July 24 that China’s Legal Evening News ran the story that two women were attacked by Siberian tigers at the Beijing Badaling Wildlife World animal enclosure after one of the women exited a vehicle. A second woman was killed when she also exited the vehicle in order to provide assistance to the first woman. A third individual, a male, left the car as well, running to help. He was uninjured. None of the people involved have as yet been identified.

The video captured by the CCTV cameras, which has been posted by the Mirror, shows the woman, later said to be the daughter, rounding the car to have words with the driver. The Mirror cites China News as reporting that there was some sort of altercation in the car, prompting the woman to jump from the car.

Just after she opens the driver’s door, she is set upon by a large Siberian tiger, one of the animal enclosure’s main attractions. (Note: Beijing Badaling Wildlife World has a drive-through section, but it is posted that visitors are to remain in their vehicles at all times.) She is quickly dragged off-screen. The driver, a male, then jumps from the vehicle, hesitates, then runs off-screen toward where the tiger and its prey have gone. The rear passenger door then opens and another female, said to be the woman’s mother, runs off-screen as well. A park vehicle also enters the video, indicating that the park rangers were on the scene within seconds of its occurrence.

Authorities say, however, that the park rangers were already too late to save the mother, who was attacked by a second Siberian tiger and dragged away, suffering fatal mauling wounds. The daughter received medical treatment following the incident, but officials gave no further details about her condition.

The Yanqing district government’s official microblog posted a confirmation that the tiger attack took place at the safari park, which is situated in the shadows of the Great Wall. As for Badaling Wildlife World, a female answering the phone gave no comment about the tiger attack at the park, but she did tell the Guardian that the park would be closed for the next couple days because of forecasted rain.

Siberian tigers (or Amur tigers) are the largest felines in the world, according to National Geographic, and are native to the Amur region of Russia, although some still exist in parts of China and North Korea. At one time boasting eight subspecies, the Siberian tiger was reduced to five in the 20th century, many of them hunted for trophies and for their perceived powerful medicinal value (especially in Asian countries). Estimates place the number of these endangered animals at somewhere between 400 and 500 not currently living in captivity, making up roughly 10 percent of the number tigers left in the world.

According to the Mirror, Sina News reported that a zookeeper had been killed in 2014 at the Beijing park in a Bengal tiger attack. The International Business Times noted that earlier in July, a Bengal tiger attack at the Terra Natura Zoo in Benidorm, Spain, resulted in the death of a member of the zoo staff when she entered the tiger’s cage alone.

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