Annella Kaine: Five Facts About Democratic Vice Presidential Candidate Tim Kaine’s Daughter

Annella Kaine is the only daughter of Democratic Vice Presidential candidate and Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. Now that the former Virginia governor is in the spotlight, his family is also taking center stage. The public is hungry to learn more about this family who might be a part of the next president’s term.

It was discovered soon after Hillary Clinton named Tim Kaine as her running mate that he’s married to Anne Holton and has three children.

Bustle listed of a few facts about Annella Kaine with some pertinent information regarding the senator’s daughter.

1 – Annella is the youngest of Kaine and Holton’s children. She has two brothers — Nat and Woody. Nat is an active member of the U.S. Marines, and Woody maintains a lower profile. All three siblings attended Virginia public schools and were raised in the Catholic Church, Heavy reports.

2 – Annella is currently a student at New York University and is majoring in theater. She’s expected to graduate in 2017.

3 – Back in 2010, an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch revealed that Annella Kaine has a close relationship with her mother.

“My mom and I have a great relationship,” Annella said. “I’m not saying we don’t fight, she is my mother after all, but we just get along pretty well.”

Annella offered up some advice on how daughters and mothers can have strong relationships.

“I think that it’s just important that you spend time with each other,” she shared. “You have to find a good amount of time, too much and you’ll be sure to drive each other crazy, but too little and you get kinda far apart. When you find a comfortable groove to get into, doing things that you both like, you get along a lot better.”

4 – Annella Kaine is musical. A clip was published on the Facebook page of the Cunnilingus Curated showing Annella playing guitar and singing.

The caption read, “Annella Kaine is getting her BFA in Drama at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Kaine loves the power performance has to change hearts and minds. Ever humble, she is new to lyric writing, but: ‘I can put a Melody together.'”

Her father is musical as well. Several articles state that he likes jazz, sings, and plays the harmonica. He even has a band called the Jugbusters, the Washington Post reports.

5 – Annella Kaine has a Twitter account, but it’s protected. She has just 28 followers listed on her profile and she’s following 78 others.

Tim Kaine's daughter, son and wife
Tim Kaine's family in 2005 [Photo Steve Helber/AP Images]

It’s still early in the game to get more information on Tim Kaine and Anne Horton’s children. The Democratic National Convention will air this week and much more will surface as the event is broadcast. Clinton’s vice presidential pick will speak at the DNC on Wednesday, July 27. He’ll be introduced to the podium and accept his VP nomination. At that point he’ll discuss his political positions and allow the public to learn more about who he is as Clinton’s running mate. It’s unknown if he’ll talk about his children and how much information he’ll share if he does.

Tim Kaine is attracting national interest after all of the speculations surrounding who Hillary would choose to run with her as vice president. Once a candidate has been selected, their family is also part of the public stage.

As the Inquisitr recently wrote, there are five facts about eldest son Nat Kaine that inquiring minds would be interesting in knowing.

Some are curious to see if much will be mentioned about Annella Kaine or the rest of the VP candidate’s children at the DNC.

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