Josh Duggar’s Instagram Disappears — Taking With It GOP Political Selfies

Social media has been a bit of an issue for Josh Duggar since the news spread that he had molested several young girls, including his sisters, and had never faced legal consequences. When he tried to return to posting family photos shortly after the pubic revelation, Josh was hit with a very negative response. The public wasn’t happy with him.

Since then, people have tracked down dating site profiles connected to his social media, pored over photos for signs of wrongdoing, and commented to let him know how strongly they disapprove.

However, Josh’s social media accounts have long been silent. Both his Twitter and the Facebook account he shares with wife Anna Duggar were last updated in August 2015 — nearly a year ago, and his own account hasn’t been updated in even longer.

Oddly, while none of those accounts disappeared the week of the Republican National Convention, Josh’s Instagram did. According to Christian Post, Josh wasn’t allowed internet access during his rehab stay, and his wife still doesn’t allow him to use a smartphone, or receive picture messages on his “…little phone with a tiny screen.”

Josh Duggar with kids [Image via TLC]So, if Josh is blocked from internet access, who deleted his Instagram account? Further, why did that social media account have to go, and others stayed?

The timing is interesting — the account disappeared during or before the RNC, leading articles like The New Civil Rights Movement‘s post showing a long list of presidential candidates in selfies with Josh to have numerous ‘content not available gaps’ — places where his Instagram photos dropped from the story.

By no means, though, did deleting the Instagram account remove all photos of Josh and GOP politicians from the web.

The same can be said of photos of Josh with his kids, or siblings. Those still exist on his Twitter account, both Facebook accounts, and on his friends and family members’ social media accounts.

Perhaps the explanation is simple: whoever did the deleting (Anna, TLC, Josh with supervision) forgot the passwords to the other accounts, there were more photos of the kids there (though Anna’s account, with many photos of the little ones, remains, and remains public), Instagram was deleted accidentally, or the account may even have been removed by Instagram if someone complained of a rule violation. A request to Instagram for information has not yet been answered.

However, there’s a certain important difference between Instagram and most other major social media sites: it centers around photos. In fact, though entertainer Danica Dillon’s lawsuit against Josh was dropped and the claims renounced, an interesting factor in that case is that, according to Wonderwall, in early stages of it, she stated that Josh had followed her social media accounts before allegedly meeting her in person.

While that claim isn’t easy to verify at this point, the fact that Dillon’s Instagram posts frequently earn a “Nike” rating is without question. (If you’re wondering what a “Nike” rating is, the four oldest Duggar daughters explained in their book that when they see a woman in public baring skin, they say “Nike” as a code word, so the Duggar males know not to look.)

So, was Josh’s Instagram account removed because of its content, or because of the temptation to access or follow other accounts that might tempt him further, or perhaps even for some entirely innocuous reason? With his siblings soon returning to their new reality show, perhaps Josh Duggar was just due for a little downsizing in the publicity department.

[Image via Josh Duggar/Twitter]