‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Chaos Plagues the ‘BB18’ House After Veto Comp–Will Production Interfere To Keep Frank Safe From Eviction? [Rumors]

Big Brother 18 spoilers predict a major shift in power could happen in the next few days. Frank Edy is campaigning hard to stay in the house and hopes he can sway the Power of Veto (POV) winner to take him off the block. So far, it’s looking like the POV winner will not exercise their right to veto Frank or Bridgette’s nomination for eviction this week. The Big Brother 18 audience worries that Frank may be safe, but not by the houseguests or the POV, but through a production manipulation.

Big Brother Network reported that the POV was played last night around 8:30 BBT (Big Brother Time). The competition was the OTEV competition and in the final round, came down to Michelle, Bridgette, and Frank. Michelle won the coveted POV and smashed the Big Brother fans’ hope that Frank could survive another week.


After the competition, Frank told Bridgette that he was “probably” going home, but he had to try to get Michelle to use the Veto on him. He knew that to stay another week, Michelle would need to take him off the block–he is the primary target.

Online Big Brother reports that Frank pulls Michelle aside and tries to get her to agree to use the POV on him on Monday. Michelle seemed to want to use it on him but was scared that saving him would ultimately affect her game. He promises her safety for next several weeks and even tossed out an idea of her joining forces with Corey, Nicole, and Bridgette. He felt confident that the five of them could “flip the house.” Michelle refused to give him the answer he wanted. She explained that she needed to “talk to her alliance, first.” Frank knew that his chances of her using the POV on him were slim at that point.


Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that James feels like the house is going against him by Paulie working with Frank to get him to stay this week. James feels betrayed because he only nominated Frank because that’s “what the house wanted.”

“Frank wasn’t coming after me. I had no reason to want him out. Now, he may stay and could become a real problem for my game.”

Social media is on high-alert that Big Brother production could intervene and find a way to save Frank from eviction. So far, the best theory claims that Frank may be feed information about the secret room during a diary room session, and he’ll know exactly where to find the secret door. Apparently, most people think that the “special power” could mean Frank still has the possibility of saving himself this week.


Let’s be honest; it’s a real possibility that Big Brother production will meddle and save Frank from eviction. If you remember in Big Brother 11, they did something similar for Jeff Schroeder when he was facing eviction.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that the house was in utter chaos last night (July 23) with anticipation that smooth-talking Frank may talk his way into staying another week. Frank feels conflicted about campaigning to stay because if the POV isn’t used, his safety will mean his BFF in the house, Bridgette will have to go home.

Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed that Frank has named his main targets moving forward, should he stay in the house. He wants to nominate James and Da’Vonne. He explained that James looks “too comfortable”, and it’s time to “shake up his game.”


So far, Frank believes that Paulie, Nicole, and Corey are on his side. He hopes to flip two more votes to stay in the game another week, with or without the secret room twist special power.

Big Brother 18 fans, do you think production will interfere and save Frank from eviction this week? Will Frank find the secret room’s door in time to use the “special power”?

There is still more Big Brother 18 spoilers to reveal this week, so stick with the Inquisitr for more BB18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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