Scary: Driver gets stuck on drawbridge

Law enforcement officials are seeking the driver in the pic above, but she’s not in any trouble- they just want to know how the hell that happened.

And despite the precarious angle at which the car is perched, no injuries resulted from the incident. The bridge is raised hourly, but for some reason the woman driving was caught on the wrong side of the gate, resulting in the scary image above. Witnesses report she was trapped at that angle for a tense two minutes as they honked and screamed to alert the bridge tender. Eventually, the bridge was lowered and the driver went on her way.

Even authorities initially doubted the veracity of the picture. Local police weren’t alerted to the incident until pictures began circulating via e-mail the following morning, and they were skeptical:

From what I can tell, there was no intent on the driver’s part to go around the gate,” said Arleigh Poter, Sturgeon Bay police captain.

Law enforcement officials first learned about the incident Friday morning, when photographs of the stranded car started circulating.

“At first we thought maybe someone was playing games with Photoshop (image-editing computer software),” Porter said. “But we confirmed that the photograph is legitimate and it really happened. Thank God nobody got hurt.”