Tony Stewart Grabs DeLana Harvick’s Butt At Geico 400 [Video]

NASCAR Sprint Cup champion Tony Stewart is causing quite a stir on the net after he was recently captured on video grabbing the derriere of the wife of one of his opponents.

Prior to the Geico 400, the first race of the Chase for the Sprint Cup, Stewart walked up behind DeLana Harvick, the wife of Kevin Harvick, and grabbed her butt with both hands, startling the spouse of the Cup star.

According to SB Nation, Stewart’s pre-race butt-grab routine is nothing new as he superstitiously performs the ritual on an unsuspecting victim before each event, in hopes that it will bring him good luck.

And before you label Stewart a pig for his antics, it’s important to realize that he and DeLanda are reportedly really close friends and you can see them joke after the incident.

Mrs Harvick has also apparently discussed on the Sirius Speedway radio show how she attempts to avoid Stewart prior to races, being that she is often his intended good luck target.

After her surprise attack by Stewart, DeLana tweeted, “And for the record, if uncle tony wins today it’s not my fault!!! #sneakyassgrabber.”

She also referred to Stewart by his new nickname while tweeting throughout the race.

In the end, Tony Stewart’s butt-grabbing ritual may have actually worked as he finished sixth in the race, while Kevin Harvick wasn’t so lucky and finished 12.

Check out Tony Stewart’s grab on DeLana Harvick in the video below: