Niall Horan Is Still Single As Security Increased For 1D Fans At NI Open Golf Event

Niall Horan is rumored to never have had a girlfriend in the first place, and for fans who have always dreamed of meeting him, the good news is that Niall Horan is giving fans a chance to see him for free — if they can make the trip to North Ireland.

On Twitter, Niall Horan was quick to pay attention to the sixth anniversary of One Direction on July 24, and he owed his success to each and every one of his adoring fans, according to List.

This came on the heels of news that Niall Horan might not be in a relationship after all. UnReality TV stated that his alleged girlfriend, Celine Vandyke, might have a “secret boyfriend.”

Adding to this, Capital FM says that part of the issue is that Celine’s social media is set to private, so it is difficult to officially verify that her claims to have a boyfriend named Thomas are true.

Niall Horan is causing security issues at the NI Open.
Niall Horan will be at the NI Open, and the event has upped their security to help manage the large number of One Direction fans. (Photo by: KGC-173/STAR MAX/IPx)

Regardless, the Mirror claims Niall Horan’s alleged girlfriend was receiving death threats from One Direction fans, so it may be assumed Celine might be trying to avoid the 1D fandom.

Furthermore, they claim a source said, “Niall and Celine have been having fun together, but they are not official. They haven’t even seen each other in over a week.”

Rumors aside, Niall Horan was recently pictured chilling and playing golf with his buddies on July 22. More than likely, Niall Horan was working on his golf skills because he is getting ready for the North Ireland Open, and his fans are invited.

On July 11, Mark McDonnell tipped off Niall Horan fans by posting, “Anyone who wants to register for FREE tickets to the NI Open at Galgorm Castle… Going to be a great week!”

The NI Open is a big deal to Niall Horan because his company, Modest Golf Management, will be a big part of this end-of-July event. On Twitter, Galgorm Castle posted a picture of Niall Horan’s Modest Golf banner as part of their preparation for the NI Open.

As for Niall Horan fans who want to show up to see him, a podcast says that the NI Open is expecting lots of One Direction fans.

In episode eight of the NI Golf Podcast from July 20, Ross Oliver, the event manager, talked about having Niall Horan’s fans at the NI Open.

The podcast bit about Niall Horan starts off with the interviewer stating, “[S]peaking of lots of kids running around the place, on the Pro-Am Day, there is one Mister Niall Horan of One Direction playing [golf] so you will have a lot of kids running around the place… mostly teenage girls screaming and shouting.”

Niall Horan will be at the NI Open playing
It has already been confirmed that some of Niall Horan's celebrity golf friends will not attend the Rio Olympics, but Niall did not officially confirm or deny that he was attending the games. (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Ross Oliver responds by saying, “Yes… Modest Golf Management have come on board as the official sports management part of the event and Niall is going to be playing the Pro-Am, so we have had to make that a ticketed event this year to try and gauge the audience and who is coming.”

Ross Oliver immediately goes on to point out that having Niall Horan’s One Direction fans attending was going to change things behind the scenes for the NI Open and stated the following.

“We can see from the ticketing registrations online that we have to bring in a bit more of our marshaling volunteers for security, we had a meeting today, and its on face, and we are looking forward to having Niall and the whole Modest team.”

The NI Open podcast also talked about other teenagers attending the event as golfers, including Niall Horan’s new friend Tom McKibbin. Other faces to watch for at the NI Open are teen golf prodigy newcomers such as John Roscoe and Keaton Morrison.

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision for Hasbro/AP Images]