Justin Bieber’s Mom Sends Selena Gomez ‘Love Wins’ Message, Likes Jelena Tweet: Wants Reunion?

Justin Bieber’s mother is sending out signals that she loves Selena Gomez, the woman who lasted the longest in her son’s impressive list of romantic relationships, and likes the romance between the singer and her son. Selena recently celebrated her birthday, and Bieber’s mom sent out not one but two sweet birthday tweets, pointed out Yahoo News.

In her role as Justin’s mother, Pattie Mallette (whose Twitter profile begins “Yes Justin Bieber is my son. I have many other great qualities besides being his mom haha! No really.”) celebrated Gomez’s birthday last Friday by wishing her peace and joy, with the hashtag “love wins” summing up her message.

Justin Bieber and his mom Pattie Mallette, pose on the red carpet. Justin Bieber and his mom, Pattie Mallette, pose on the red carpet. [Photo by Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP Images]In the first message, Mallette focused on cheering Selena’s birthday;

“A birdie told me it was your birthday @selenagomez. Many tweets from the bird or may have been several birds maybe? #HappyBirthdaySelena,” wrote Justin’s mother.

But then a few minutes later, Pattie went all out in her follow-up, focusing on happiness.

“I am blessed to know you @selenagomez & celebrate this precious day you were born! Don’t let them get to you. Keep UR peace & joy #LoveWins.”

As to the role that Patti has played in the relationship between Bieber and Gomez, Gossip Cop notes that Selena and Justin’s mother have been acquainted for years.

With Gomez and Bieber going through an off-again, on again, off again romantic relationship, Mallette has seen it all. However, Pattie’s and Selena’s own relationship became the subject of speculation, with some assuming that Justin’s mother did not like Gomez after Bieber released his track “Love Yourself,” which referred to someone that his mom disliked.

“My mama don’t like you and she likes everyone.”

But as the tweets from Justin’s mama reveal, Mallette does like Selena. As for translating the meaning of Pattie’s second tweet, there is speculation that her message “Don’t let them get to you” refers to the backlash Gomez received after stepping up to defend her pal Taylor Swift on Twitter.

In addition, for those who wondered whether she wished that Bieber and Gomez would rekindle their romance, Mallette responded by liking a Jelena (Justin + Selena) tweet, noted Elle.

Justin Bieber kisses his mother Pattie Mallette. Justin Bieber kisses his mother, Pattie Mallette. [Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images, File]“SAY THAT JELENA IS STILL ALIVE,” pleaded the tweet that Bieber’s mother favorited.

That wasn’t the only tweet from those hoping that Jelena (Justin + Selena) would rise again, with other fans urging for a rekindled romance.

“I miss #jelena so so much ❤️ @justinbieber @selenagomez
#ifreakinglovejelena,” tweeted one Jelena belieber.

“I’m a HUGE Jelena fan #ifreakinglovejelena,” admitted another.


Bieber’s mother wasn’t the only celebrity to step up and wish Gomez a happy birthday. Her best friend Taylor also was there to send social media blessings.

“Going through old pictures today, because @selenagomez just turned 24! I can’t imagine my life without you, Selena. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” wrote Swift for the caption.

While social media happy birthday messages helped to brighten her day, Gomez also took some time to celebrate in the real world. There was cake, of course, with some popsicles to help sweeten the day even more. In addition, Selena relaxed by the pool prior to performing.

But after the birthday wishes from Bieber’s mom and her best friend, followed by cake, Gomez took the time to reflect on her life. An emotional Instagram post puzzled her fans, noted USA Today.

The message was posted after a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia, just after Selena celebrated her birthday.

“Tonight I felt extremely unauthentic, unconnected to both myself and my music,” posted Gomez. “I’ve never really felt like my materials, wardrobe or video could define me.”

The singer continued to express her desire to re-evaluate her life both professionally and personally.

“I’m stagnant, I stay still and don’t just sit with myself first and ask ‘is this where I am, whole heartedly?’ I’ve always told the truth…I’ve shown who I am,” Selena emphasized.

“I need to rethink some areas of my life creatively and personally.”

[Photo by Mark J. Terrill/AP Images]