Samsung Galaxy S IV To Be Released March 2013 [Rumor]

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is rumored to be released March 2013, Wired reports. The news comes just three months after the latest incarnation, the Galaxy S III, went on sale.

An unnamed Samsung executive reportedly spoke to the Korea Times and said the device would be announced at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress event in February, and would be in stores by March “at the latest.”

The official said the S IV would be more than enough to compete with Apple’s iPhone 5, which was unveiled last week. Samsung has already started going to war with Apple with a print ad attacking the iPhone 5.

Consumers shouldn’t be surprised that Samsung would be so quick to release a new Galaxy S phone, just nine months after the launch of their “next big thing.” The company announced the Galaxy Note II just six months after the original Note went on sale. Within the last year, the company has released five top-of-the-line products: the Galaxy S II and S III, the Galaxy Nexus, and the Galaxy Note and Note II.

Samsung, which is based in Seoul, South Korea, estimates sales of the S III to surpass 30 million units by the end of the year. In three months since its release, it has sold 20 million units.

The Galaxy S IV will reportedly feature a 5-inch screen, a slight increase from the S III’s 4.8-inch display and a larger increase from the S II’s 4.3-inch display. By comparison, the iPhone 5 screen is only 4 inches. Further details have yet to be released, but we’ll learn all the details when the device is unveiled in five months.

Are you excited for a Galaxy S IV, or is it too soon after the S III was released? Do you think either device can compete with the iPhone 5?