Richard Gere Dressed Exclusively By Brioni For Arbitrage Premiere

Dressed from head to toe in Brioni, Richard Gere and the Arbitrage cast sported threads from the Italian fashion company, who co-sponsored the glamorous premiere.

In addition to Brioni, The Wall Street Journal and luxury watch maker Piaget co-sponsored the September 12 premiere in New York City, reported. Of the attendees, Brioni dressed Richard Gere, Nate Parker, and the writer and director of the film, Nicholas Jarecki, Elite Traveller reported.

Other attendees included film co-star Susan Sarandon and cast members Brit Marling and Graydon Carter.

The boutique fashion house, Brioni, has been operating since the end of World War II when Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini opened shop in Rome. Their expert tailors must go through a four-year apprenticeship before being able to create suits for the company, which sell for thousands of dollars; in 2009, one suit in particular was selling for $48,000.

Richard Gere’s hedge fund bigwig character wouldn’t be done right without the appropriate dress, which is why he was dressed in nothing but Brioni for the Liongate and Roadside Attractions’ film, which was released nationwide on Friday.

The film is an enticing and rigid suspense thriller about a hedge fund financier who makes an error when trying to sell his trading empire. It is a turn from Gere’s usual roles in romance films, which may be what he is seeking in his career. This last year, he told a reporter that he has nearly forgotten doing films like Pretty Woman and now wants to do films which he considers to have more significance.