Jimmy Fallon Re-Dubs ‘Lincoln’ Trailer In Pee-Wee Herman Voice [Video]

Alright, let’s be honest. The trailer for Steven Spielberg’s upcoming biopic Lincoln, a film about our nation’s most-beloved president Abraham Lincoln, was pretty much awesome. Still, nothing is beyond scrutiny or outside the reach of unintentional humor, and Jimmy Fallon proved that point by over-dubbing parts of the Lincoln trailer in Pee-wee Herman’s voice.

For starters, let’s not forget that the role of Abraham Lincoln was originally intended for Liam Neeson, an actor second only to Morgan Freeman for his highly-recognizable, though gravelly voice. Daniel Day-Lewis ultimately nabbed the role, causing a bit of curiosity but an overall show of good faith, as Day-Lewis is pretty much amazing in every single role he’s ever played. This “good faith” was rewarded when the first teaser photo of Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln was released, showing the actor’s profile in full Lincoln makeup, causing many (including IQ) to express their surprise over Day-Lewis’s complete transformation into a living embodiment of the 16th President of the United States.

When the Lincoln trailer finally debuted, it caused a slight stir of confusion, as the voice Day-Lewis uses for the character seems a bit higher than we may have expected. “When we finally match the voice to the face, it almost seems a little bizarre to not only associate Lincoln with that higher voice, but to hear it come from Daniel “I Drink Your Milkshake” Day-Lewis,” remarked MTV News.

Day-Lewis was ultimately exonerated for his Lincoln voice, as famed Lincoln scholar Harold Holzer told Smithsonian Magazine that Lincoln’s voice was likely higher that we assume. “Lincoln’s voice, as far as period descriptions go, was a little shriller, a little higher,” Holzer said.

Still, Jimmy Fallon poked a bit of fun at Day-Lewis by re-dubbing his lines in Pee-wee Herman’s voice for the Lincoln trailer. Video is below!