Shark Saves Man Drifting At Sea

A man lost at sea for more than three months says that he was saved by a shark.

According to the AFP, Toakai Teitoi was stranded in the central Pacific for 15 weeks after he ran out of fuel. Teitoi said that he was saved by a storm, a shark, and ultimately a nearby fishing boat.

Teitoi’s story started on May 27th when he set sail with his brother-in-law on a two-hour journey to Maiana in a 15-foot wooden boat. reports that Teitoi and his brother-in-law, Ielu Falaile, decided to spend the night fishing at sea. In the morning they realized that they had drifted far away from land and did not have enough fuel to get back.

The two had food on the boat and gear to catch fish but they did not have any water.

Teitoi said:

“We had food, but the problem was we had nothing to drink.”

On July 4th, Falaile succumbed to dehydration.

The day after Falaile passed away Teitoi had him buried at sea. The 41-year-old father of six also started to pray for help.

A rain storm gave Teitoi two five-gallon jugs of water to drink but it wasn’t until a shark showed up that he realized that he would survive.

Teitoi says that he was curled up, exhausted, in a small area of shade at the bow of the boat when he heard scratching on the side of the hull. The man got up to see what was causing the noise and saw a six-foot shark circling the boat. Teitoi also saw a fishing boat in the distance

Teitoi said:

“He was guiding me to a fishing boat. I looked up and there was the stern of a ship and I could see crew with binoculars looking at me.”