'Pokémon GO' Accident: Man Accidentally Urinates On Kid While Hunting Pokémons

Patricia Villaceran

We have already seen multiple accidents that involve Pokémon GO since its launch. There were bogus reports about kidnapping and robbery, but this one is quite unique.

According to Daily Dot, a tale of a grown man playing the app includes him accidentally peeing on a kid. The Irish man wrote that he was playing Pokémon Go in town when he reached a Poké Stop. This got his interest and he quickly went to the area.

That time, his biological senses were already telling him he needed to pee, but he thought he could hold it down. If it would just take a couple of short minutes to "catch 'em all," he could probably survive holding it.

He was not wrong.

After a couple of minutes, he saw a Level 932 Aerodactyl Pokémon.

"I click on the ba***rd and start chucking balls," the man wrote.

Unfortunately for him, he could not catch "the ba***rd" after 10 different tries.

"Each ball I throw seems to curve more than the last and this grey ballocks is flapping his wings at me, Fifteen balls and he escapes twice, One ball left and I hit him, of course he escapes and runs away."

The man noted that he "inherited" his father's bladder, and he has this urge to pee about 20 times in a day. By the time he reached the shopping center, he was about to burst. Then, he had the worst encounter he could possibly think of.

"I'm practically running at this point and as I reach the door this little kid comes full speed and runs into me, head first into my crotch."

The man immediately apologized to the parents and explained what happened. The kid also cried, but the man was left ashamed. The parents were quite understanding, and they even apologized because their kid accidentally ran towards him.

The crowd parted ways and the man learned his lesson. He also looked for the positive side of what happened.

"At least in future when that kid runs from his parents they can say 'do you remember what happened last time?' and he'll think of that giant ginger bearded wanker who pi**ed on him."

According to CNN, a man has already fallen off a cliff just because he was playing Pokémon GO. The man fell down an "estimated 50 to 90 feet down a cliff in Encinitas, California."

The authorities said the app warns users of their surroundings. The cliff even had "No Trespassing" and "Do Not Cross" signs, but the user did not notice these.

The firefighters came to the scene and they had to hoist him up. The user was not charged with trespassing, but this has served as a fair warning for him to be more careful next time.

Pokémon GO enables users to try and move out of their houses to experience Pokémon in real life. The concept is very promising, but it has safety loopholes. In some cases, parents have blamed Niantic for creating the app. However, many users all over the world continue to enjoy the app.

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