UFO Hunter Deaths: Are ‘Men In Black’ Or The Government Targeting Truth-Seekers? [Video]

In less than a month, the deaths of two high-profile UFO hunters have rocked the paranormal world. The trend of inexplicable deaths among extraterrestrial truth-seekers has conspiracy theorists and paranormal believers alike wondering if “Men in Black” and/or agents of world governments are deliberately killing off people who get too close to the truth and speak out about their findings.

As Express reports, the first of the recent UFO hunter deaths was that of Max Spiers. Spiers was a paranormal investigator and UFO hunter. He was also famous for telling the world that he used to belong to an elite, secret group of government-sanctioned “supersoldiers.” Spiers’ dead body was discovered in Poland earlier in July, and many conspiracy theorists are speculating the the renowned UFO hunter was murdered for knowing and (perhaps more importantly saying) too much.

Adding to the speculation that the UFO hunter was murdered is the fact that authorities have yet to release a cause of death.

On Wednesday, UFO hunter deaths continued to command attention when it was announced that UFO hunter Gaurav Tiwari was found dead in his northwest India home. UFO hunter Tiwari was a newlywed at 32 years of age. According to most accounts, he was at a “good point” in his life and happy.

Officially, his death is being treated as a suicide, but those closest to him say that it was definitely mysterious, and he had “no reason” to take his own life.


The second of the UFO hunter deaths was reportedly discovered when Tiwari’s father heard a loud noise from the bathroom. When he went in to check on his son, the newlywed UFO hunter was unresponsive. Law enforcement reports that “a black line” was wrapped around the deceased’s neck, which led authorities to believe he’d hanged or strangled himself.

Another theory is that he may have fatally hit his head when he fell.

An autopsy is reportedly being conducted on the UFO hunter, whose father told the media that his son had said he was dealing with mysterious, dark thoughts prior to his dead.

“[He said that] a negative force was pulling him towards it.”


Tiwari was the founding member of the Indian Paranormal Society, had investigated UFO sightings, appeared regularly on television shows and visited numerous so-called haunted locations. According to his father, the family doesn’t share the deceased UFO hunter’s beliefs in the paranormal.

“We don’t believe in ghosts etc, but his death has left us shocked and puzzled.”


According to many conspiracy theorists, including Professor G. Cope Schellhorn, literally dozens of UFO hunter deaths, as well as deaths of other conspiracy theorists and paranormal researchers, have taken place in the previous decade or so.

Express reports that the two most recent UFO hunter deaths are just the latest in a string of over 70 mysterious deaths involving “UFO researchers, investigators, authors, alien contactees and military.” According to the professor, the causes of mysterious deaths range from “heart attacks to sudden onset cancers to supposed suicides.”

Some people believe that the deaths, while occurring in different parts of the world, in different countries and even on different continents, are being deliberately organized by government officials. Or even by members of so-called “shadow governments” or their agents.

Agents like the elusive and mysterious Men in Black.

ufo hunter [Image via Shutterstock]According to legend, the Men in Black are employees of quasi-legal government factions, and their sole purpose is to preserve the so-called “UFO cover-up.” Reportedly, the Men in Black will go to any means at all to achieve their aims, and it is unknown whether they work for known world governments or if the respective governments of the world work for them instead.

The Men in Black have long been implicated in a concerted global effort to hide the “UFO truth” from members of the public. When they’re sighted, people describe them as looking like government spooks wearing trench coats (usually black). Supernatural powers are also often attributed to the Men in Black, and some UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists believe they may actually be extraterrestrials themselves.

Earlier in 2016, before the current rash of UFO hunter deaths, a string of Men in Black sightings was reported in Iowa.

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