Snake Massage: How It Works And Why People Go For It

Snake massage is probably the scariest massage that anyone can have. Just imagine a slippery, over 6-foot python gliding through your naked body, followed by a few more. And not only that, these big snakes tend to squeeze your body as they do their thing, causing you to be on guard and tense up as opposed to getting relaxed. However, people who have gone through a snake massage swear that the experience will give you an adrenaline rush.

If so, then this massage technique is better suited for adrenaline junkies. But you will be surprised at how many different people actually end up trying it. According to Huffington Post, the giant snakes weigh a total of 550 pounds as they work on your skin and muscles. Luckily, the slithering reptiles' mouths are taped so they can't bite you. Still, it will probably take a few tries to get used to a snake massage — before you start relaxing.

A snake massage doesn't always involve big snakes, though, as some massage operators use little snakes, too. So don't be surprised when a combination of big and small snakes are used on you. Together, the big and small reptiles achieve a gradation in massage pressure in the same manner that a regular massage practitioner will apply pressure at different intensities in one regular massage session.

Snake massage started to show up in the massage profession as early as 2013, as revealed by Buzz Feed. Still, the source is convinced that it's a massage technique that only lunatics would dare to experience. Still, there is a method to the madness. In fact, the source actually takes us through the process step-by-step. Let's just discuss a few principles.

snake massage how it works and why people go for it
Snakes are given a bath before going to work.[Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images]

First, the masseur or masseuse needs to wash the snakes. He or she also needs to make sure the reptiles are dry and clean before they are put to task on your body. Who would have ever realized that snakes make such natural massage experts? Of course, some snake training is required, but for the most part, the animals are just doing what they naturally do - glide through your body and wrap you up in their love. And, they give nice facials, too.

snake massage how it works and why people dig it
Satisfied snake massage customer Meirav Stardinner gets a facial. [Photo by Uriel Sinai/Getty Images]

In the Philippines, the natural massage experts need to be fed 10 chickens before they are put to task in order to make sure that they don't resort to their natural predatory behavior. After all, they can be at work for an hour per snake massage session, although most clinics offer 15-minute sessions. So keeping the snakes well-fed while on the job goes a long way in helping maintain their work morale.

Buzz Feed also says that Bali Heritage Reflexology in Jakarta, Indonesia charges clients roughly $34 per session, which is very cheap in comparison with the usual going rate of professional masseurs and masseuses - between $150 and $250 per one- or two-hour session. Who would ever imagine that the snake population on the planet can have a brand new job designation?

Daily Mail reports that the Philippines' Cebu City Zoo offers snake massage to tourists, complete with the tongue-licking expertise of not one but four domesticated Burmese pythons. These snake massage operators say that you can't shout at the snakes as the vibrations can confuse the reptiles into thinking that you are either prey or a predator. Here are a few more rules of snake massage etiquette, according to the source.

  • Thou shalt not blow air on the pythons because it makes them feel that you're pinching their bum.
  • Avoid sudden, jerky movements.
  • Just relax and let the reptiles do their work — you're gonna love their work ethic.
Aside from Indonesia and the Philippines, snake massage is also offered in Israel, Thailand, and Russia.

Here's a testimonial from satisfied snake massage recipients.

  • Ferdi Tilukay: snake massage will give you an adrenaline rush.
  • Ian Maclean from Hawaii loved snake massage so much that he already asked for seconds.
  • Meirav Stardinner seems to enjoy snake facials the most.
Maclean hints that one way to give the hardworking pythons a tip is to kiss them mildly on the cheek when they're done with their job.

So what's your take on snake massage? Should this unusual massage technique go mainstream, or would you rather that the pythons didn't go to work? You can share your comments below.

[Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images]