Starbucks Diet Helps Woman Lose 75 Pounds [Video]

Christine Hall, a 66-year-old woman from Virginia, has been on a Starbucks diet for the last two years. That may not sound like the healthiest diet choice but you can’t argue with the results. Hall has lost 85 pounds.

According to Yahoo, Hall visits Starbucks three times a day. Hall says that Starbucks puts all of the calorie information on its menu so she has been able to easily track her calorie intake. Currently, she eats about 1000 calories a day on her Starbucks diet.

Hall told MSNBC:

“I have a busy schedule, so it just works for me… I know exactly what I’m getting. I can plan my day in advance because I’ve memorized the calories in everything.”

Here’s an example of what she orders: One tall black Americano (15 calories), a bowl of oatmeal (140 calories), a bistro salad box (360 calories), and a tomato and mozzarella panini (390 calories).

Of course, the Starbucks diet isn’t for everyone. For one, 1000 calories a day is about half the recommended daily allowance. Second, eating at Starbucks everyday can be very costly. Hall’s daily menu costs about $16. That means that Hall spends about $5800 a year at Starbucks. Over the last two years Hall has lost 85 pounds and approximately $11,000.

According to the NY Daily News, Hall started the diet in 2010 at 190 pounds. She now claims to weigh 115 pounds.

Calorie counting can be a great way to lose weight but Starbucks isn’t the only restaurant that offers calorie information. McDonald’s is even offering calorie information on its fast food menus.

What do you think about the Starbucks diet? Is this a good way to lose weight?

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