Romney Campaign Said To Be In Disarray, Damning Politico Post Describes Chaos

Mitt Romney’s campaign is said to be in shambles, as political scuttlebutt suggests that the GOP contender for the White House is suffering from a lack of strong direction and a scattered strategy within the effort.

A Sunday night post on Politico painted a very unflattering picture of Mitt Romney’s campaign at the moment, as many conservatives wonder why the effort is not in the bag considering the ongoing GOP dissatisfaction with President Obama’s term and achievements.

While conservatives mull over Romney’s weak showings in polls contrasted with their perceived voter sentiment, Politico singles out Romney advisor Stuart Stevens as the source of much of the Romney campaign’s failure to connect with swing voters. One friend of Romney’s, not named in the post, says to Politico:

“’You design a campaign to reinforce the guy that you’ve got,’ said a longtime Romney friend. ‘The campaign has utterly failed to switch from a primary mind-set to a general-election mind-set, and did not come up with a compelling, policy-backed argument for credible change.’”

Another Romney insider tells Politico that Mitt’s loyalty to trusted associates may be his ultimate downfall — that regardless of voter sentiment about the campaign, Romney will keep those he trusts close and present in his campaign:

“Mitt is a sticker — he stays with you. He had a reputation at Bain for sticking with people. They made a bad investment, he hung with them. … None of this is going to be fixed. This is the organization, and this is who Mitt is betting on to win. There aren’t going to be further changes.”

You can read Politico’s entire piece here — do you think the Romney campaign is floundering in the final stretch?