CBS sneaks three eyed smiley into Palin report?

Some one doing the graphics for CBS News may have decided to have a some fun September 15, sneaking in a three eyed smiley face at the end of a quote from the New York Times lashing Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s hiring practices.

The smiley appears directly after the line “including the head of the division of Agriculture who cited her childhood love of cows…” per the pick above.

The full video below. The smiley appears at 1:04 and is visible until 1:13 in the clip.

Update: someone has pointed out that this could simply be a juxtaposition of the CBS watermark and the dots at the end of the quote. Could well be, although part of the logo disappears in the shot to make the smiley face when we can see the full logo before and after, demonstrating that either magically, or by human intervention, we get a three eyed smiley face. Either way though, it certainly looks funny, and three eyed smiley fans will be happy with the end result :-)