Hillary Clinton ‘Seizure’ Video Ignites Criticism Of Candidate’s Health Online

Is Hillary Clinton having a seizure in this video? As the presumptive Democratic nominee announced her Vice-Presidential pick Tim Kaine on Saturday morning, another clip was slowly gaining steam on conservative blogs.

In the brief video, Hillary is shown blinking and shaking her had back-and-forth in the midst of a group of reporters. In the opinion of some viewers, Clinton is clearly having a seizure or experiencing some other form of health issue. Others said that she may have been “making fun of seizures.”

Although some critics took the video as serious evidence that Hillary may be prone to seizures, others joked, ostensibly, about “demons” that were being exercised from the presidential candidate’s body.

Whether or not Hillary Clinton was actually having a seizure in the video, its sudden popularity among her detractors plays into common presidential election themes. As the head of state is required to serve for a minimum of four years, doubts emerge, sometimes incredibly, about each candidate’s health.

Having announced her vice-presidential pick and potential successor on Saturday, the so-called “Hillary seizure video” might be gaining more traction this weekend. In the past several years, debate over Clinton’s health has surfaced several times as she became more and more likely to run for the Democratic nomination.

These concerns flared when Hillary became dehydrated while suffering from a stomach virus she had contracted while abroad. Home alone, Clinton took a fall that resulted in a mild concussion. While receiving medical attention, doctors found a blood clot.

After Hillary was released for the treatment of blood clot in 2012, GOP strategist Karl Rove — who has not yet commented on the “seizure” video — publicly questioned the official story about her hospital stay. Clinton, he said, appeared to be hiding a “traumatic brain injury” based on the eyewear she used afterward at the Benghazi hearing.

“Thirty days in the hospital. And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

Rove’s theory about Hillary, however, didn’t fare well with fact checkers. Politifact found that not only did he stretch the number of days that Clinton was in the hospital from four to 30, he also grossly overstated the severity of the conditions where such glasses would be worn.

In a letter released from Hillary’s physician, all of these health issues were addressed. Dr. Lisa Bardack additionally noted that Clinton had also suffered blood clots in 1998 and 2009, experienced some thyroid problems, and had a history of heart disease in her family, reported The New York Times. Nothing about a propensity for seizures was mentioned.

Donald Trump has been adamant about his “outstanding” state of health on the campaign trail. In December, he released his own letter from his long-term physician proclaiming that he would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

What are your thoughts on the Hillary Clinton “seizure” video?

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