‘Constantine’ Rebirth And Rumors: New DC Comics Run Promises Politics And Return Of The Con-Man, Big DCTV Universe Rumors Include John Constantine

Constantine has been the subject of many rumors and news stories as of late, and this has much to do with “rebirth” and “rumors.” The Constantine: The Hellblazer comic book series just ended at the beginning of the the DC “Rebirth” event. Comicbook reports that the Constantine, or now known in the DC Rebirth universe as simply The Hellblazer, writers have stated that they wish to bring back John Constantine: “The Conman.”

“Yeah I agree, and strange as it might sound for a book about ‘magic’ I feel the same way. I think above and beyond the magic aspect, John Constantine is a conman and that’s where his real power lies. I honestly think he’s a bit crap at magic and for me the moment he goes all hocus pocus and pulls out a spell to save the day is where the book loses me a little. And if he has to use magic, at the heart of it there should always be a con. So short answer is, Constantine’s back to being an arsehole, the dodgy guy in the pub who happens to know some magic.”

Constantine, as in the Vertigo produced John Constantine: Hellblazer, often had allegorical tales that included political and social topics underneath the surface of the dark fantastical, hellish, world of John Constantine. The Hellblazer Rebirth writer Simon Oliver is seeking to up the ante on some of these original themes.

“I’m English born and bred but I’ve been in the States for a long time now. I grew up and came of age in Thatcher’s Britain, and still carry the seething anger that comes with that. I don’t think I — or a lot of other people — could see how things would unfold a few months back when I was writing the first few issues. I think I was too busy watching the horror show on this side of the Atlantic to see Brexit for what it was and what could and would happen. But it will be something I’ll get around to mentioning. Hellblazer was always a book that touched on politics and current events and I think John’s left-leanings are something that gave him a moral compass back when he was throwing his friends to the wolves.”


Constantine’s new comic, The Hellblazer Rebirth, will bring John Constantine back over the pond to merry ol’ England. Though, every Constantine fans knows, that is not what John would refer to it as. Naturally, most of the DC Comics universe does not take place in the UK, so there is certainly the question as to the exact reason why John Constantine has returned to England. The Hellblazer writer Simon Oliver informed Constantine fans that it was simply to bring him back to his roots.

“That was pretty much my brief when I took over the book. Rebirth him, make him a cynical, slightly miserable, dark English bastard again. So it was kind of a no-brainer to bring him home to a lot of the old characters he hasn’t seen since the end of the Vertigo run. I liked the last run especially and felt like they really injected a breath of fresh air into the character. If I can build on that, while taking him a step closer to the old days, I’ll be happy.”

Constantine’s team-up comic book, Justice League Dark, is on the verge of becoming a film. So, naturally, one might wonder if any of the team would be showing up in the new Constantine comic. After all, a few of them did in the last run. Sadly, Oliver responded simply with “Not sure yet.”

Constantine has a considerable rumor mill, as far as the DCTV Universe is concerned, so it comes as no surprise that there are new rumors to wet the appetite of Constantine fans.


Bleeding Cool reports that Batgirl, Oracle, and Constantine could be finding a home in the DCTV Universe this fall. Batgirl and Oracle will be heading to Supergirl, and the Batgirl/Oracle relationship will mirror the one that existed on the popular, but canceled TV show Birds of Prey. Constantine would show up for season 2 on Friday nights, after Supernatural.

Of course, all of these are strong rumors, and not definitive evidence, but the Constantine rumor fits with every other theory and rumor that has been discussed so far.

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