‘Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Paulie Says He's Not A Bully, And Zakiyah Has Doubts About Showmance [Spoilers]

After being down for about a day due to the secrecy surrounding the Battle Back competition and the returning houseguest, Big Brother 18 live feeds were up and running Friday night.

Victor won the Battle Back challenge and gained a tremendous amount of attention from fellow houseguests when he walked back into the house. Yet, there was also banter among other cast members, including Paulie, who seemed to be defending his actions regarding Tiffany, and Zakiyah, who was wondering if her showmance is genuine.

Just about a week ago, tensions ran high in the Big Brother 18 house, as contemplation about which of the nominated houseguests – Tiffany, Natalie, or Da'Vonne – would be evicted on Thursday night's live show. Paulie was the Week 4 Head of Household (HOH) and dead set on sending Tiffany out the door.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was some kind of blowup between Paulie and Tiffany around the same time, but it was only partially caught on live feeds. In the aftermath, Da'Vonne told Tiffany that other cast members were somewhat annoyed that she was acting as if she was bullied. In response, Tiffany told her she never called what happened bullying.

Nevertheless, a bit of the confrontation between Tiffany and Paulie actually aired on Wednesday night's Big Brother 18 episode. According to the Observer, "Paulie tried to rattle" Tiffany with the "confidence of Terrell Owens on cocaine," saying about the Big Brother game, "I was bred for this."

The Observer noted that this may have been "the funniest thing that has ever been said inside the BB house." Paulie was obviously referring to being related to Big Brother 16's second place player, Cody Calafiore.
Ironically, Paulie is well aware Tiffany could make the same argument, as her sister, professional poker player Vanessa Rousso, played the game expertly and ended up in third place on Season 17.
Despite the confrontation taking place a week ago, on Friday night Paulie brought the whole thing up again. He told other houseguests the way he was acting toward Tiffany was not bullying, noting he was only "trying to get in her head," according to Joker's Updates.

As Paulie tried to justify his actions with Tiffany in the Big Brother 18 house, Zakiyah was concerned about his intentions with her. The two have been in a showmance from early on in the game, and she seems to be getting a bit insecure about their relationship.

Thus, Zakiyah was heard on live feeds venting to James, trying to determine whether she and Paulie simply have something akin to a business relationship while in the house. Joker's Updates reports that Zakiyah told James she wants more from Paulie, hoping he will truly get to know her. Zakiyah then admitted, "Clearly I have a crush."

Zakiyah continued talking about her showmance with Paulie, telling James, "I don't want to be an object… I'm cultured, I'm a nice person. I need encouragement."

Zakiyah asked James where Natalie was, and according to Joker's Updates, he seemed hesitant to tell her considering the conversation they just had.

Ultimately, James told Zakiyah that Natalie was "talking to… nobody."

Zakiyah asked, "What? To the refrigerator… by herself?"

Joker's Updates reports James stalled a bit and then said, "…she's, uh, she's talking to… Paulie." Zakiyah inquired, "Huh?"

James added, "Her and Paulie are talking," and Zakiyah asked where they were. James explained they were in the Have Not room.

Zakiyah seemed disturbed by this notion, asking James, "Why?"

According to Joker's Updates, James responded with, "I don't know. Paulie went in there…"

Zakiyah then asked if Natalie and Paulie were both in the room together, and James answered in the affirmative.

This led Zakiyah to proclaim Paulie does not like her, prompting James to tell Zakiyah that Natalie doesn't like Paulie in a romantic way. But Zakiyah was not satisfied with his answer and went on to repeat that she doesn't think Paulie likes her and believes he is just tolerating her.

She lamented, "Paulie never asks me about me," Joker's Updates reports.

Zakiyah added that if Paulie really doesn't like her, she can simply cut off her feelings for him, as she doesn't want to "be played."

Trying to help, James offered to have one of the guys talk to Paulie. According to Joker's Updates, Zakiyah seemed to be very agreeable to this notion, saying, "Yeah! Do that! Ask him how he feels about me!"

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