WWE News: Roman Reigns Returns To WWE During WWE House Show In Wildwood, New Jersey

Back in June, Roman Reigns violated WWE’s Wellness Policy at the absolute worst time since he was the WWE Champion, and the WWE Draft was only a few weeks away. At WWE Money in the Bank, Reigns lost the biggest prize in the game to his rival Seth Rollins and was then suspended for thirty days as punishment for his first offense of WWE’s Wellness Policy.

Since then, it has been reported that Reigns was suspended by the company for using Adderall. There have also been reports that Vince McMahon is still very upset with Roman, and it impacted his selection in the WWE Draft and will affect his booking on WWE television when he returns this Sunday at WWE Battleground. However, that may be debatable in a few weeks.

Reigns will be one-third of a triple threat match for the WWE Championship that Dean Ambrose will defend against him and Seth Rollins. It will be the last time all three members of the former stable “The Shield” will be in the same WWE ring for quite some time. There are a lot of expectations headed into WWE Battleground, but Reigns didn’t want to wait until Sunday night.

Roman Reigns Holds Up the WWE Championship
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Roman Reigns’ suspension officially ended on Thursday, so he can appear on WWE programming again, but WWE Battleground will be the next opportunity for him to do so. However, there was speculation that Reigns would be getting back into the ring before this Sunday, which was revealed to be true last night during a WWE house show in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Seth Rollins remained in the ring with the WWE title and was talking trash about him walking out the WWE Champion on Sunday, but he was interrupted by Roman’s return to WWE. After a Superman Punch and a Spear, Rollins was gone, but Reigns held the WWE title and made it clear to Ambrose that he’s back for one reason before tossing the belt back to him.

You can watch the full return of Roman Reigns via WWE.com’sTwitter below.

Although Roman Reigns is back and WWE Battleground is less than 48 hours away, it doesn’t look very likely that “The Big Dog” will be regaining the WWE Championship after being away for a month. However, there is a lot of speculation that Dean Ambrose will drop the WWE title on Sunday, and Reigns will remain involved in the WWE title picture.

The expectation headed into WWE Battleground is that Seth Rollins will defeat Dean Ambrose by pinfall during the triple threat match and become the WWE Champion. According to a rumor from CageSideSeats.com, WWE officials are planning Reigns vs. Rollins for WWE Summerslam next month in the rematch between these two rivals from WWE Money in the Bank.

Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns Excepted for Summerslam
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The WWE Universe is torn about the Roman Reigns situation because he admitted his mistake, took the punishment, didn’t cause any more trouble for himself, and took his lashings backstage in WWE and from the WWE Universe. However, there are many people who feel he doesn’t deserve to take a month off after being suspended and return with a WWE title match.

A bigger issue is if Rollins wins the WWE Championship at WWE Battleground and Reigns vs. Rollins II is booked for WWE Summerslam, the most logical result of that match is for Roman Reigns to regain the WWE title again. In a way, that sends the wrong message to the entire WWE locker room about how a top guy will be treated, but Roman also has paid his debt to WWE.

It’s a tricky situation that is only further complicated by the WWE Universe’s negativity towards Reigns. For now, everyone should take away that Roman Reigns is back. He’s been drafted to Raw, and he will have a shot to regain the WWE title on Sunday night. The WWE Universe will have to wait and see what happens at WWE Battleground before things go any further.

[Image via WWE.com]