Milla Jovovich Trades In Zombies For Drama In Famke Janssen’s ‘Bringing Up Bobby’

Although Milla Jovovich has become synonymous with female-fronted action flicks, the talented actress is tackling a slightly different role for first-time director Famke Janssen’s Bringing Up Bobby. According to the folks at First Showing, the dramedy is currently slated for limited release in the US later this month. For those who enjoy Jovovich’s work but aren’t too fond of her zombie-slaying endeavors, this might be right up your cinematic alley.

In addition to Milla, Bringing Up Bobby also features a number of strong actors including Bill Pullman, Rory Cochrane, Maria Cross, and Bereavement co-star Spencer List. Although the filmmakers are certainly hoping you can support the flick by attending one of the theatrical screenings planned for September, the film will be available on home video later this year.

Internet Movie Database describes the film as follows:

” ‘Bringing Up Bobby’ is the story of a European con-artist and her son Bobby, who find themselves in Oklahoma in an effort to escape her past and build a better future. Olive and Bobby blithely charm their way from one adventure to another until Olive’s criminal past catches up with her. Consequently, she must make a choice: continue with a life of crime or leave the person she loves most in an effort to give Bobby a proper chance in life.”

Milla Jovovich’s latest cinematic adventure, namely Resident Evil: Retribution, earned $21 million over the weekend, allowing it to clinch the top spot at the US box office. Internationally, the film did even better; various reports put the worldwide total at around $70 million. Not bad for a motion picture franchise that’s currently on its fifth installment.

Director Famke Janssen’s Bringing Up Bobby, meanwhile, will hit select theaters on September 28. The film’s home video release isn’t scheduled until November 20. You can find a trailer for Milla Jovovich’s latest offering below.