‘Ice Age: Collision Course’ End-Credits Scene: Can Parents Sneak Out Early, Or Will They Have To Wait To The Very End To Catch All Of The Prehistoric Comedy?

Ice Age: Collision Course is hitting theaters this weekend at a slightly long one hour and 40 minutes, so families with kids squirming by the conclusion will want to know if there’s an end-credits scene that will keep them in the seats just a little bit longer.

The end-credits scene, also known in the industry as a stinger, is an extra bit usually no longer than a minute hidden after all the credits have finished rolling. They’re very common in action movies and almost a standard in the superhero genre, but not quite as common in family movies.

Those seeing Ice Age: Collision Course will want to know if they can shave off five minutes or so, toss away the mostly spilled popcorn, and get the kids out of the theater and into the bathroom.

So, does Ice Age: Collision Course have an after-credits scene? The answer is no, but there is an extra bit for viewers to watch during the credits itself that shows Scrat in a bit of slapstick comedy on a spaceship. After that has finished, they will be safe to leave and not worry about missing any more of the movie.

The fact that viewers won’t have to stay all the way to the end of Ice Age: Collision Course for an end-credits scene could be a good thing, as the movie has found the worst reviews yet for the Ice Age series. It’s largely panned for being unfunny and an overall unnecessary addition to a series that has seen worse and worse ratings for each subsequent movie.

Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers said the fifth movie in the Ice Age series is nothing more than a “laugh-starved cash grab” that exploits its young fans. He noted that the movie is heavy on some borderline adult jokes and potty humor, but thin on substance.

“You can’t blame the animators, who do what they can to spark the visuals. But screenwriters Michael Wilson, Michael Berg and Yoni Brenner are running on less than empty. The script is basically fumes, though no one can top these guys for finding words that rhyme with ‘duty’ or ‘poop’ or ‘butt’ or ‘penis.’ Things started going south for this once clever series with 2012’s Ice Age: Continental Drift, which now seems Pixar-level inspired compared to this one. Every gag feels recycled. Even Scrat the squirrel, the most popular character in the franchise, wears out his welcome.”

There may not be much of an audience of Ice Age: Collision Course to miss out on the after-credits scene that’s not there. The movie is predicted to fall below its predecessors in terms of total box office gross, and was already off to a slow start on its opening day, Deadline noted.

The movie is expected to bring in somewhere in the mid $20-million range for the all-important opening weekend, which would likely put it in second place for the week behind Star Trek Beyond. There is always the chance for it to outperform these predictions — and family movies are often the most likely to beat box office projections during the summer months — but the weak reviews won’t be much of a help in what could end up being the end of the Ice Age series.

The studio could be sensing this, and has responded with what Deadline has noted is the biggest promotional pitch in the history of the series.

But the good news for those who have to sit through Ice Age: Collision Course is that there’s no after-credits scene to keep them in the theater any longer than they need to be.

[Image via 20th Century Fox]