‘Ladies Of London’ Buzz: Is The Show Canceled As Caroline Stanbury Moves To Dubai?

After two seasons of Ladies of London, loyal fans are devastated to hear that the show might be falling apart. The Queen Bee of Ladies of London, Caroline Stanbury, has sold her house and is in the process of moving her family to Dubai, so what are fans to think?

Earlier in the summer, the ladies were said to be filming Ladies of London, so what gives? Is there a Ladies of London without Caroline Stanbury? Since Season 2, Annabelle Neilson has departed, and now Caroline Stanbury will technically no longer be one of the Ladies of London, as she will be with her family out of the country. There has been no formal statement from Bravo, so fans are unsure what to think. Can the show survive without Caroline Stanbury?

According to the Inquisitr, Ladies of London had been filming around London. Multiple media sources and the ladies themselves confirmed that shooting on Ladies of London had started filming. Checking the social media accounts of Sophie Stanbury and Marisa Hermer certainly indicated that they were back to work on Season 3 of Ladies of London, so what gives?


Bravowatch made the call that Caroline Stanbury of Ladies of London was moving to Dubai and saying farewell to London and, for now, Bravo. Sister-in-law Sophie Stanbury posted a photo wishing Caroline Stanbury an emotional farewell, and she included the sentiment that she will miss her.

“We have some terrible news today if you’re a Ladies of London fan. Caroline Stanbury is peacing out of London, and she’s moving to Dubai. Caroline’s sister-in-law, Sophie Stanbury took to Instagram to wish Caroline a farewell.”

Then another photo shared of Ladies of London Caroline Stanbury included the words “It’s a wrap!”

It seems that there is no way to include Caroline Stanbury in Ladies of London, but will Bravo give Caroline Stanbury her own show in Dubai?


Although there aren’t many details yet in the media, Caroline Stanbury is sharing information about her departure from London and Ladies of London on her own social media accounts and her personal blog, Caroline Stanbury. Caroline Stanbury posted the phrases “it’s over” and “the wicked witch is dead, RIP.”

In her blog, Caroline Stanbury explains that the home that fans saw on Ladies of London has been rented out, and though the family has a small rental in London, they are officially moving to Dubai. Caroline is promising more posts and more information, but for now, she explains that her life is in transit out of London.

“Life is hectic right now living here for the next 8 weeks and then I move to London for a month. Moving is so stressful! It is literally taking everything I have to feel collected! Before our final destination in Dubai but don’t worry I will be back and forth.”


But since Bravo has not made an official statement and the other Ladies of London aren’t talking yet, fans can only go by what Caroline Stanbury is saying, and it is confusing. On Facebook, Caroline explains that this will be her last week in the U.K., and she is saying goodbye to friends.

“Hotel life! My last week in the UK….. Anyone say sleepover? Comment below to join our fun! ‪#‎bubblesandcarolinefun‬.”


But then, also on her Facebook account, Caroline Stanbury seems to be announcing the new season of Ladies of London, so which is it? Will Caroline Stanbury be traveling to London often enough to be part of Ladies of London?

“It’s a wrap! Season 3 of Ladies of London coming soon! Bravo.????”

What do you think is going on with Ladies of London?

[Photo by Rich Fury/AP Images]