Moontown Airport Plane Crash: Pilot, Student Killed In Crash At Alabama Airport [Video]

Brownsboro, AL – Authorities say two people died Sunday afternoon when a plane nosedived and crashed in a field behind a row of houses near the Moontown Airport in Northern Alabama.

According to WTVM9, the plane, which was taking part in the annual Moontown Grass Field Fly-In, an event for vintage and experimental aircrafts, went down around 3:20pm. Witnesses said the aircraft was flying along with several other planes before breaking off from the group.

Madison County Coroner Craig Whisenant told WHNT News 19 that the victims were 74-year-old George Myers, the owner of the Moontown Airport and a longtime pilot, and Christian Schmitt, a student pilot. Sgt. Chad Brooks of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said:

“We don’t deal with a tragedy of this magnitude every day. Emotionally, it’s difficult to see something of this nature. Clearly, it’s a tragedy.”

One witness, John Williams, told The Huntsville Times that he and his were in a nearby field when they heard the crash. He said:

“Seen the plane go up as an acrobat and then come back down, had done a flip and then a nose dove straight to the ground,” said Williams. “It caught me completely off-guard – and my wife. It just stunned us. It was like, no way this was happening.”

The sheriff’s department said the Federal Aviation Administration has been notified.

WAFF48 has more on the tragic plane crash at Moontown Airport in Madison County, Alabama in the video below: