Reports Of Second Attack In Munich: Alleged Shots Fired At Stachus As Olympia Shopping Mall Shooting Ends [Breaking]

Update 3:31 pm EST: Photos taken in Stachus show a heavy police presence outside of the Stachus hotel as increased reports indicate that an active shooter was in the area.

Germany shooting
Police officer secure the Stachus hotel after a shooting was reported there in Munich. (Image by Sven Hoppe/dpa/AP)

Update 2:07 pm EST: Although initial reports stated that police had indicated the shooter was no longer at large, the Munich police just announced that they do not know where the shooters are located and have told citizens in Munich to stay out of the public until the situation is under control. On Facebook, the Munich police disclosed that there were reports of three different active shooters and that none of been arrested at this time.

Original story:

Reports indicate that several people were killed at a shopping mall in Munich after a gunman opened fire on crowds. Although police have revealed that the shooting is over, reports indicate that a second attack may be taking place at Stachus, also known as Karlsplatz, a large square in central Munich. The police have yet to confirm the second shooting, but initial reports indicate it unfolded at the Metro station near Stachus.

Warning: Some videos below may not be suitable for all viewers.

English Radio Network reports that shots have been fired at multiple locations in Munich, Germany. The first shooting was confirmed by local authorities and took place at the Olympia shopping mall. A second shooting is reportedly taking place at the Stachus Metro station, but authorities have not confirmed the shooting at this time. However, numerous social media outlets are reporting on the incident, with users claiming a gunman entered Stachus close to the Central Station area and opened fire.

Although police have not confirmed the Stachus shooting, Periscope users have live streamed footage from the area showing people around Stachus running from the scene. You can watch some of the live streams below.

#Munich Close to #Stachus #streaming

— Mark B. (@marked123456789) July 22, 2016

Other videos posted on social media show the scene around the Olympia Shopping Mall as shoppers flee the area. One video shows a man, who is believed to be the gunman, standing on a parking garage. Gunfire can be heard echoing off the garage as the shooter paced around the area.

BREAKING: Shots fired at #Munich‘s Olympia shopping mall, major police operation under way, Full lockdown in place

— Israel News Flash (@ILNewsFlash) July 22, 2016

CNN reports that “several people” have been killed and others injured after the gunman opened fire on the mall. The extent of the injuries and deaths are currently unknown as police continue to secure the area. However, police say that it is no longer an active shooter situation, indicating the shooter has been disabled, killed, or taken into custody.

Meanwhile, a video allegedly taken of a shooter outside a McDonald’s in Munich is also making the rounds on social media. The video shows a man standing outside of the McDonald’s with a gun before opening fire on a group approaching the restaurant. The group flees, and gunshots can be heard.

A second video allegedly taken inside of the shopping mall shows people laying on the ground as gunshots are heard in the background.

As the situation unfolds, the Inquisitr will keep you updated with the latest information.