Bill Clinton ‘Rape’ T-shirt Was Sold At The Republican National Convention By Ex-Trump Advisor, Roger Stone and Conspiracy Theorist, Alex Jones

Bill Clinton “Rape” T-shirts were sold at the Republican National Convention by Roger Stone and Alex Jones. The dynamic duo of Trump’s bitter former adviser and an Infowars’ conspiracy theorist unveiled the controversial clothing design at the event held in Cleveland, OH. The gloves are off and there is clearly no holding back.

The T-shirt mimics Shepherd Fairey’s famous “Hope” image of Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign. The “Rape” design seemed to be the most controversial of the shirts for sale at the RNC. Other designs included one that read: “[Hilary] Clinton for Prison 2016” and another: “Life’s a B***h, don’t vote for one.”

Also on display are degrading badges like,”KFC Hillary Special: 2 fat thighs 2 small breasts & a left wing” and “Hot chicks for Trump.” It seems that sexist attacks against Hillary Clinton have been top sellers this campaign season.

The International Business Times reported that Roger Stone is still a strong supporter of Donald Trump for President of the U.S., despite leaving his campaign last year. Stone was seen sporting the “Rape” t-shirt outside of the convention.

Roger Stone and Alex Jones created the designs to grab the public’s attention, and that they did. The “Rape” t-shirt was alluding to allegations made by Juanita Broaddrick against Bill Clinton of raping her in a hotel room in 1978.

The allegations were denied by Clinton through his lawyer.

Bill Clinton has been accused of other sexual misconduct over the years. No criminal charges have ever been brought, and Clinton has always denied the accusations. There have also been rape and sexual assault allegations made against Trump recently, which he denies, but the false allegations could have been one of the motivators for Stone and Jones to make the Anti-Hilary clothing line.

The pair brought in a decent sized crowd of attention at the RPC.

This is not the first attempt to badger Hilary and Bill Clinton on wearable materials- t-shirts and badges showing Bill getting punched out by Trump or Hilary Locked behind bars calling her a “b***h” can be found at dozens of street vendors in Cleveland over the convention.

Watch a clip of Roger Stone and Alex Jone’s impromptu gathering on the street outside of the NPC.

Hilary attempted to respond to the negativity by ultimately using Trump’s words against him. She released a new campaign ad featuring clips of Trump praising Hilary’s abilities and the “Trump Yourself” tool that lets users superimpose his negative quotes over their profiles. Hilary’s response was a light-hearted way of her telling Trump and his supporters to back off but without getting nasty or attacking anyone from the opposite party.

Here is Hilary’s other recently released campaign advertisement.

Apparently, the Republicans don’t see any harm in supporting the negative campaigning which attacks Hilary. According to eye witnesses, the tees and buttons were scattered across the convention center displayed on delegates.

Not to worry, Ivanka Trump took the stage and counteracted any potentially-negative impacts by carrying a remarkably different tone, promoting her father’s policies and values toward women. The issue of women and gender equality is often an issue associated with Democrats, but Ivanka took the reigns and carried herself with grace and dignity throughout the speech.

Trump’s eldest daughter spoke at the National Republican Convention to reach out to women and urge support for them in the workforce. Ivanka knows first-hand the experience of being a woman in the workforce today.

“As president, my father will change the labor laws that were put in place at a time when women were not a significant portion of the workforce.

“And he will focus on making quality child care affordable and accessible for all.”

Ivanka Trump may prove to be a powerful political weapon for her father, but he probably already knows that. And while she might not be able to flip votes, she could very well accumulate support for him. But “The Donald” better watch his buddies, Roger Stone and Alex Jones, with the insensitive “Rape” shirts and degrading propaganda or he will fail to gain the female supporters that he needs.

[Image via Ben Jackson/Getty Images]