LuAnn De Lesseps Belives Sonja Morgan Is ‘Fixated’ On Tom D’Agostino And Jealous

Is Sonja Morgan jealous of LuAnn de Lesseps? On the latest episode of The Real Housewives of New York City that aired on Wednesday night, LuAnn celebrated her engagement to Tom D’Agostino with the other women. Over an engagement celebration dinner, LuAnn giddily showed off her huge engagement ring and shared details of how Tom proposed. Sonja, who has a sexual past with Tom, seemed less than pleased.

In a confessional interview, Sonja even made a snide remark about LuAnn’s ring. In LuAnn’s latest Bravo blog post, she pointed out that while Sonja may deny that she’s jealous, her behavior suggests otherwise.

LuAnn even accused Sonja of being “fixated” on her fiance. While LuAnn expressed some sympathy for Sonja, saying that she knows it’s hard for Sonja to watch Tom move forward with someone else, LuAnn pointed out that Sonja has to come to terms that she and Tom have something very special and that he chose to marry her.

“Sonja is fixated on Tom and while she says she’s not jealous, she keeps bringing up her past with him even though we are engaged. She says she’s happy for me, but her body language and facial expressions tell a different story. I know that it’s hard to watch someone move forward while being stuck in the past but Sonja has to realize that my relationship with Tom is very special and that he may not have been the marrying type before meeting me, but he is now! When you meet the right person, this is what happens.”

During LuAnn’s engagement celebration dinner, she showed off her eight-carat canary-yellow diamond engagement ring. Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley fawned over LuAnn’s ring and told her that it’s beautiful. Sonja, meanwhile, didn’t say anything but had a weird look on her face.

In a confessional interview, Sonja Morgan admitted that she had mixed emotions over LuAnn de Lesseps’ engagement. Sonja called LuAnn’s engagement ring “murky.” Sonja even compared LuAnn’s ring to the “commitment” ring that she received from Harry Dubin, whom she is no longer involved with, in 2014.

“This situation is so loaded because she’s coming in with a 8-carat murky yellow diamond when I had a near flawless 4-carat, D flawless side…I’m like just, ‘Oh god.’ I’m just, I’m so happy for her but [heavy sigh].”

At the dinner, when LuAnn told the story of how Tom proposed and mentioned Tom’s parents, Sonja expressed shocked surprise that LuAnn already met his parents. When LuAnn said that she and Tom plan on getting married on New Year’s, Sonja complained about having to wait so long. When LuAnn gave Sonja an incredulous look, Sonja, without a smile, said that she’s just excited.

In her confessional interview, Sonja expressed doubt that the relationship will actually last.

“This is very premature. I wish this wedding was going off a little sooner. By the time we get to New Year’s, LuAnn could be engaged to another guy!”

Sonja denied that she’s jealous of LuAnn.

“I’m not a jealous person. I really want them both to be happy. I’m not a jealous person. I really am not. I, um….”

In a previous episode, Sonja claimed that she and Tom were “friends with benefits” for 10 years. She even suggested that she and Tom were still seeing one another when he began dating LuAnn.

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Yet, Tom denies it. In an interview with People in July, Tom said that he and Sonja only “got together” once.

“Sonja, I’ve known for years. The funny part is, although I’ve known her for years, we got together once, but she’s on this kick that it was more than that. I saw her at a party two or three weeks ago, and I said to her, ‘Sonja, this is me, what are you talking about?’ and she says, ‘Oh, I’ll have to get my diary, I’ll tell you when.'”

A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York City shows that Sonja will come face-to-face with Tom D’Agostino since he got engaged to LuAnn when the group stays on a yacht together. Sonja is shown complaining to Ramona Singer — who herself claims to have dated Tom right before he got together with LuAnn — and Dorinda Medley that LuAnn hid her relationship with Tom from her. Will viewers see Sonja, encouraged by Ramona, angrily confront LuAnn?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the cast filmed the Season 8 reunion show last week. It’s likely that Sonja Morgan’s relationship with LuAnn de Lesseps’ fiance and seemingly jealous behavior over the engagement was brought up. During a break in filming, Sonja called the experience “brutal.”

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