HyunA Reveals First Teasers Of 'A'wesome' Solo Comeback, K-Pop Idol's First Since 4Minute Disbanded

Earlier this year, the K-pop community received unexpected news that 4Minute, the leading K-pop girl group created by Cube Entertainment, was disbanding after seven years. According to what Cube Entertainment and the Hallyu websites report, four of five of 4Minute's members -- Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun -- were unable to come to an agreement during contract negotiations. However, it was also reported that a Korean music industry expert revealed that iHQ, the majority owner of Cube Entertainer, did not find 4Minute profitable.

4Minute Disband -- 4Minute Hate
[Image via 4Minute's Official Facebook]As a result of iHQ's views about 4Minute, the K-pop girl group wasn't just forced to break up, but the aforementioned four members were given no chance to stay with Cube Entertainment. The only reason why Hyuna was able to stay with Cube Entertainment was her solo career. She is so successful as a solo artist that her song "Bubble Pop" is considered one of the top ten songs to promote the Hallyu Wave.

Now, Hyuna is moving forward with her solo career as she prepares for her latest comeback known as A'wesome. Just recently, she released teasers to entice the K-pop community.

The first teaser for Hyuna's solo comeback was released through various social media accounts, especially the official Instagram for Cube Entertainment, on Friday, July 22 in South Korea. The teaser, which is attached above for viewing, features the title of the upcoming comeback, A'wesome, surrounded by tropical flowers and a pineapple. The designs are familiar symbols for K-pop fans, especially those who still consider themselves as 4NIA (the official fan club of 4Minute). For starters, the tropical flowers and fruits suggest a theme or setting of a tropical nature, possibly on a beach, which was a concept Girls' Generation used for their song, "Party," last year. However, AllKpop implies that the tropical flowers and pineapple give off a "soft, girly vibe," rather than Hyuna's signature "fierce and sexy."

It was also revealed that Hyuna's solo comeback, A'wesome, actually continues her "A" Series, as reported by Soompi. Starting back in 2014, the "A" Series made its debut with Hyuna's third mini-album titled, A Talk, which featured her hit song. "Red." The album reached number three on the Gaon Weekly albums chart and number 17 on the Gaon Monthy albums chart. One year later, the "A" Series continued with A+, which featured her next hit song, "Roll Deep." The song, though popular,especially among the male demographic, did get some criticism pertaining to its music video. Some have accused Hyuna of copying Miley Cyrus in it. Nevertheless, the accusations were never truly followed up on.

Kim Hyuna, professionally known as Hyuna, is currently working on her fifth mini-album titled "A'wesome." It is set to be released on August 1, 2016. [Photo by Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week]It is good to see that Hyuna is able to move forward after 4Minute disbanded. Unfortunately, there is little to no information on what Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun are doing after leaving Cube Entertainment. However, if we were to analyze their past solo endeavors while in 4Minute, Jihyun will most likely pursue acting, Gayoon and Jiyoon will have their own solo careers, and Sohyun will either compete in variety shows possibly becoming a main cast member.

Hyuna's solo comeback, A'wesome, is scheduled to be released on Monday, August 1. That is still a bit of time from now, so it is expected that more teasers and promotions will be released. This should include a photo shoot and the music video of the featured song. Also, there is clearly extra attention being given to A'wesome because it is Hyuna's first career project since 4Minute disbanded.

[Image via Cube Entertainment Promotions for Hyuna's Bubble Pop]s