Amanda Bynes Pulled Over Again, Car Impounded For Driving On Suspended License

Amanda Bynes watched as her car was impounded on Sunday night after she was pulled over while driving on a suspended license.

Bynes was stopped at approximately 9:00 am in Burbank, California. The Easy A actress had her license suspended earlier this month after taking part in various hit and runs and a DUI in which she ran into a police sheriff’s vehicle.

The police officer who ran Bynes’ license immediately realized she wasn’t suppose to be driving and impounded her BWM.

Bynes was then given a ticket for driving on a suspended license.

Amanda probably should have had her car impounded even earlier than she did. Some publications have questioned in the last few days whether or not Amanda Bynes had her license quickly reinstated after she was recently pulled over for driving without her license, a violation that did not require her license information to be run after the officer gave her a moving violation warning. This new impound incident appears to answer any unresolved questions regarding the actresses license status.

According to TMZ:

“She also refused to take a breathalyzer after being busted for DUI, and that triggers an automatic 1-year license suspension.”

In the meantime, sources have claimed recently that Amanda Bynes has been talking to herself and answering her own statements. The actress has also been accused of smoking pot while driving, a claim that appears to have been caught on camera.

Do you think Amanda Bynes will end up serving time behind bars following her recent run-ins with the law?