Mike Norris: Son Of Chuck Norris, Director Of 'Amerigeddon,' Hires Bodyguard After Alleged Poisoning Attempt

Inquisitr Staff

Mike Norris, the first-born son of Chuck Norris, hired a bodyguard after allegedly being poisoned while promoting his new movie Amerigeddon. At a screening for Amerigeddon in Columbus, Ohio, recently, Norris, 53, claims that someone in a gray suit rubbed poison on the back of his neck, causing him to become violently ill on his drive back to Dayton. Mike Norris won't say for sure that the stranger's actions were nefarious, just "strange and scary" enough for him to hire a bodyguard approved by his martial artist father, Chuck Norris.

After having acted in over two dozen films, Mike Norris is still more well-known as the son of Chuck Norris, a martial arts champion and actor who rose to fame in the 1972 martial arts action film Way of the Dragon as Bruce Lee's nemesis. Chuck Norris, 76, made his acting debut in 1963 when first-born son Mike Norris was only 6-years-old. Mike followed in his father's acting footsteps at the young age of 16 as a pizza skateboarder in the Chuck Norris martial arts film A Force One. He's also appeared in 26 other large- and small-screen movies before he decided to become a film director.

Amerigeddon followed Mission Air in May 2016, with a plot summary described by IMDb as "fictional depiction of a future wherein a globalist terrorist organization aligned with the United Nations to disable the United States' power grid and institutes Martial Law," a scenario that some conspiracy theorists have been hinting at for a while. In fact, martial law is listed as one of the top 10 conspiracy theories in an article published on Salon in November 2015. The article says that martial law fears in the U.S. are "baseless" but were legitimized with the eight-week Jade Helm military training exercises that took place in multiple states in the summer of 2015.

Heavin says he wants Amerigeddon to open dialogue with viewers and make them wonder if the government really has their best interest at heart, but according to a tweet by @AmeriGEDDONfilm on June 29, the government may be sending Mike Norris a warning about the controversial new movie. The tweet asked if the government tried to poison Amerigeddon director Mike Norris during a screening of the film in Ohio on June 26. The tweet also went on to share a video interview on YouTube with Amerigeddon writer Gary Heavin, who appeared on The Alex Jones Show to talk about Mike Norris allegedly being poisoned.

"He ends up almost in a hospital last night. His glands swollen up. His face was swollen with hives. He thought back and remembered the night before at one of the openings that a man in a grey suit had put his hand on his shoulder and rubbed his neck."

Mike Norris believes that man, who he can't identify, actually rubbed poison on the back of his neck that doctors say he might have touched and spread to his face. Norris said he began to feel weird on his drive back to Dayton, Ohio, and later that night, his lymph nodes "were the size of golf balls," there was pus oozing from his pores, and his eyes had swelled shut.

"My Dad warned me. When I showed him the movie, he said, 'Be careful!'"

Blood tests reportedly came back negative for internal poison, but doctors believe Mike Norris may have been externally poisoned. Norris continues to screen Amerigeddon across the country, but he has since hired a bodyguard for protection. Mike Norris said in response to the Gary Heavin interview with Alex Jones that he can't say for sure if he was poisoned, but the man in the gray suit did look out of place at the screening and said "interesting movie" as he brushed the back of his neck.

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