Netflix And Trump? #BoycottNetflix Begins As CEO Says Trump Must Lose By A Landslide

"Netflix and chill" is a common phrase used on social media -- a euphemism for couples watching Netflix and doing sexual things. However, Netflix's name is being bandied about in a much different way on Friday, July 22, as Trump supporters try to get the #boycottNetflix hashtag rolling on social media because of what they deem were disparaging words against the Donald by Netflix's leader.

The attempts to boycott Netflix stem from anti-Trump words being attributed to Netflix's CEO, Reed Hastings. According to Variety, Reed didn't mince words when Hastings expressed his views about just how bad of a president Trump would be if he won by a landslide.

"Trump would destroy much of what is great about America. Hillary Clinton is the strong leader we need, and it's important that Trump lose by a landslide to reject what he stands for."

Although Reed's statements were released on or around June 23, they began making the rounds on social media once Hastings' quote was placed atop his photo and circulated online. With Hastings clearly showing his unwavering support for Clinton, certain Trump supporters are taking out their feelings on Netflix, with claims that they plan to cancel their Netflix subscriptions or have already canceled their Netflix subscriptions.

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Therefore, while the Republican presidential candidate spoke during the last day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, on Thursday, July 21, Trump supporters were busy writing statements of support like the following -- promising to turn against Netflix.

" Now I hope you lose customers by a Landslide."

" Thank you for the clarity. Account canceled. Can't support stupidity. "

"You just insulted your base of customers. "

"There goes my Netflix subscription.. shame... "

"Two down. Netflix is next. "

[you're] an idiot for supporting Clinton "

"Thank Reed Hastings for "

" for insulting most Americans! Reed Hastings has it completely wrong! !!! "

"Good bye . I will miss you. - I hope your company tanks for your politics. Or maybe your shareholders will dump you."

" offering free month. If you won't support Trump you won't get my support "

"What a stupid left wing SOB, as if we couldn't tell from his leftist trash content."

This twit clearly drinks the socialist kool-aid + eschews the security of Americans. "

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As seen in the above photo from Thursday, June 30, Hastings spoke to a crowd in Seoul, South Korea. Netflix is expanding their content to include more Asian topics by seeking content creators in Asia.

As reported by Snopes, the quote being attributed to Reed about Trump is true -- a quote made when it became public that Hastings was a Clinton supporter listed publicly. Other Clinton supporters include a long list of top-level corporate executives, senior executive vice presidents such as Jim Cicconi -- as reported by Variety -- as well as additional CEOs and COOs.

Whether any steam will push the "boycott Netflix" campaign beyond handfuls of subscribers posting about it on social media remains to be seen.

On Facebook, folks are also expressing their opinions about Reed's words about Trump, as well as those celebrating Hastings for his viewpoints and his entrepreneurial rise to the head of Netflix.

Since the Clinton campaign was the only source of Reed's comments, some Netflix fans were dubious about the quote being attributed to Hastings at first. However, since Reed has not come out and disavowed the Trump slam being attributed to him as of this writing, the public is responding in kind.

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