Lisa Rinna ‘Very Lucky’ Not To Be Hurt In Car Accident

Lisa Rinna said she was shaken, but ultimately all right, after a car accident early Friday that left her car in not so great shape.

As Rinna recounted to her Twitter followers, the car accident took place on Mulholland Drive after the actress dropped off her daughter Amelia at school. A driver in the lane next to her took a sharp turn right into the side of her Mercedes 400, toofab reported.

The accident caused Lisa Rinna’s car to be run off the road. Lisa noted that the damage to the car was severe, but she was still able to drive it the short distance that remained to return to her home. From there Rinna had the car towed to the body shop for repairs.

“I’m very lucky,” Lisa told toofab. “He hit me pretty hard.”

Lisa Rinna didn’t escape completely unscathed. She noted that she has soreness in her neck and back and is planning on going to the chiropractor to get the injuries checked out. Because there were no serious injuries and the other driver was insured, the cops weren’t called for the accident, toofab noted.

Rinna noted that she went to Mercedes Benz of Encino to get a loaner car while hers was being worked on.

The former star of Dancing With the Stars and The Apprentice used Twitter to keep her followers updated about the accident, reported.

Unfortunately for Lisa Rinna, her day didn’t get much easier from there. By the night of the accident, she found herself in the path of a brush fire in Los Angeles and spent the evening waiting to see if she would be evacuated. This time at least she dodged a bullet; the fires never came her way.