Good Samaritan Helps Man Twice, Eight Years Apart

Receiving help from a good samaritan in this day and age is not always the easiest of tasks; receiving help from the same person eight years apart however seen almost astronomically unlikely. Yet, despite the odds, Gerald Gronowski recently claimed that a man by the name of Christopher Manacci helped him on two separate occasions almost eight years apart from each incident.

Gronowski was recently changing a flat tire just east of Cleveland when Manacci stopped to help. As the two men worked together to change the tire, Gronowski told the story of another stranger that helped him pull a hook out of his hand eight years ago while he was fishing.

When the men talked a little more they discovered that the good samaritan who helped Gerald eight years earlier was none other than Manacci. During the first accident, Christopher was kayaking near Gronowski when he kayaked over to offer his assistance to the distressed fisherman.

Realizing that not only are there still good people still out out in the world but also “repeat offenders” of good samaritan acts, Gronowski has promised to pay the favor forward when he sees someone else in need.

When he asked to take Manacci fishing, his good samaritan helper suggested they go bowling instead, not a bad idea considering Gronowski’s history of bad luck while on the open water.

Do you think there are still a lot of good samaritan helpers out there these days or is Christopher Manacci a diamond in the rough?