Irish Tourist Arrested In Boston After Stealing Cannoli At Knifepoint

An Irish tourist who had been in Boston for less than a day was arrested after he robbed a bakery shop, allegedly demanding a cannoli at knifepoint.

According to CBS Boston, North End tourist Robert McTernan, 25, is facing charges of armed robbery over the middle of the night cannoli heist in the city. McTernan of Newbridge County Kildare was arrested almost immediately after the pastry theft, one that occurred at 3:30 in the morning at Bova’s Bakery in Boston on Thursday.

For those of us who hail from heavily Italian-ancestried areas, the cannoli theft at knifepoint is a bit puzzling. A rainbow cookie, sure, but cannoli is rarely decent enough to risk arrest, much less for a charge of armed robbery. More often than not, the shells are too brittle and the filling tastes of chemicals and not like smooth, sweetened ricotta. Can you even get decent cannoli outside New York City?

Well, McTernan seemed to think so. CBS explains the crime’s trajectory:

“Police say he proceeded to walk up to a worker and demand a cannoli. The worker handed over the cannoli and McTernan left … Police arrested him outside the bakery, but were unable to find the knife.”

robert mcternan cannoli

McTernan, who is in the states on a two-week long vacation, was arrested and charged before he was released on $2,000 bail and, of course, ordered to stay away from Bova’s Bakery and their apparently violence-inducing cannoli. The Irish citizen was also forced to turn over his passport for the time being.

Have you ever eaten a cannoli so delicious you’d stick someone up for it?