Dissolving bikini billed as revenge gift

Honestly, who would be that stupid?

A German company is selling a bikini that dissolves on contact with water, marketing them to jilted men who wish to see former girlfriends embarassed in a pool, beach or reality-show-jacuzzi situation. While the doucheblogger guy set may have hur-hurred about it for a few days, would any woman be so stupid as to accept such a gift from a man whose heart she’s recently shattered? Me, I’d assume the crotch part and the boobly triangles were treated with itching powder, which actually sounds worse- well, worse for me.

Because it’s Sunday, as the suits (or bathing costumes, as our British friends so comically call them) make their way across predictable web channels, women’s activists bloggers are riled at sales of the product. Give your sisters some credit- this will never work on any woman with half a brain. I do see a market for drama queens and women who have a lifelong dream to be on Girls Gone Wild 68 or something. Just remember,honey, it’s all downhill from there…

The suits are priced at 9.99 (in Euros) which I think translates into like, seventy-five American dollars with exchange rates.

[Via: Clint.be- why yes, I do speak fluent bleep bloop.]