WWE News: Big E Announces New Day’s Booty O’s Cereal Has Now Become A Real Thing

If you have ever watched The New Day on WWE television, you know that their promos are typically can’t-miss television. Everyone loves watching them, and for good reason. They are fun and exciting. Their matches have also been impressive and now they have made history as they will be becoming the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in company history. While some would say that New Day has run its course, that may not be true after the WWE brand split.

New Day was drafted to WWE RAW and will end up defending their tag team gold against any and all comers on the RAW brand. It is unknown if the tag titles will be floaters between SmackDown and RAW, but as of now they are said to not be doing so despite the impressive tag teams on SmackDown currently. Most assumed that New Day would be split in the WWE Draft this past week, but due to the impressive nature of the team, few really wanted this to occur.

Now we may have to wait a bit longer to see the end of the team, as it looks like WWE has invested huge into the group. According to IGN, New Day member Big E. announced at Comic-Con on Thursday that WWE will be getting into the cereal business and the Booty O’s cereal has become a real thing. He would claim…

“Boxes are available at FYE.com and the pre-sale launches today. It’s a very real thing. The cereal actually tastes phenomenal. It really does. We just tried it a couple days ago. It’s real.”

New Day RAW [Image via WWE]The boxes will be across the nation on August 5th at the healthy price of $12 a box, which is steep for most when it comes to simple cereal. However, it is New Day cereal of course. It comes out of nowhere that WWE would endorse such a thing, but that is not the only thing that WWE will be doing with New Day this year. Kofi Kingston mentioned that the WWE will be putting out new Pop Vinyls with the New Day members. They will hit Toys-R-Us stores this holiday season.

This means that rumors of New Day dissolving seems to be greatly exaggerated. WWE would not invest this much into the New Day brand if they planned to discontinue it soon. Of course some would claim that it would be the perfect time to do so, as no one would expect it. However, all the money and time put into the group means that they aren’t just going to end the group easily.

Most assumed the only way to truly do this would be to have someone get drafted to another show, however, they were drafted as a unit. WWE wants to make sure they don’t kill off the group that they plan to have run the tag division on WWE RAW, which makes a lot of sense. It is unknown exactly when WWE plans to have New Day lose the WWE Tag Team Championships. However, we can assume WWE SummerSlam would be the time, if any.

New Day Shane McMahon [Image via WWE]Interestingly, New Day does not really need to have the tag titles to become relevant or interesting. They have proven that, even without them, they are interesting and worthy of note. Similar to The Shield, the unit of New Day is truly what sells to people. All titles aside, New Day still comes out as interesting and worthy of note in WWE because of how good they are in the ring alone. Add in the fact that they are great promo artists, and you have a huge act that will go down as one of the top factions in WWE history.

It is uncertain if WWE will explore using New Day in the singles world or not. However, once they lose the tag titles, there is no reason they cannot try going that direction while also remaining together. It was said by Xavier Woods that they would love to help Kofi Kingston become WWE Champion through the group. While lofty, it is not out of the realm of possibility for New Day at this point.

With the investment WWE has made into the New Day this year alone, we at least get to see the group stay together for the remainder of 2016. Perhaps in 2017 we can see the group come to an end, but even then, this may not happen if the company continues to believe in the group. It seems that, as long as New Day wants to remain the New Day, they will do so, because WWE doesn’t seem to want them to end any time soon… despite rumors of the contrary.

[Image via WWE]