‘Teen Wolf’ News: Say Farewell To Beacon Hills

Today marks a sad day for Teen Wolf fans, because it will always be the day they will remember as the day creator Jeff Davis announced the coming of the end of the series. While fans went into Thursday’s Teen Wolf Comic Con panel anticipating and hoping for teasers and maybe a few spoilers for Season 6, they couldn’t have expected to hear news as sad as the revelation that was awaiting them. Jeff Davis made the announcement and shared his reasoning for bringing an end to the Beacon Hills characters we have all come to love over the past five seasons.

Teen Wolf Creator Jeff Davis Announces The End Of The Series

This is no joke. For those of you rolling your eyes and expecting to find out that this was all another internet hoax designed to kill our hearts and drive up our cynicism, the sad truth is that this comes straight from the Teen Wolf creator’s mouth. In fact, E! Online reports that the entire panel was very emotional as Jeff Davis shared the news and gave a warm hug to Teen Wolf lead Tyler Posey.

Davis told audiences at the San Diego Comic Con panel that MTV’s Teen Wolf will end with a sixth season of 20 episodes, leaving off with a series finale that will be the show’s 100th episode. While the mark of 100 episodes is something to be celebrated in most circumstances, the fact that it will be the very last episode for Teen Wolf will make this particular milestone a bittersweet occasion for all involved.

Teen Wolf

The Teen Wolf panel wasn’t all somber. Davis and company also debuted a Season 6 trailer for fans, which prominently featured Stiles in spite of the fact that Dylan O’Brien’s recent injuries have left his return shrouded in mystery.

The Word Comes Directly From Jeff Davis

“I know we’re sad about it and it’s bittersweet but we’re so happy to be able to come to Comic-Con and share it with you guys,” Davis says about ending Teen Wolf with Season 6, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Jeff followed his statement by embracing Tyler Posey, who is one of the few cast members to have stayed with the series through all five seasons. Holland Roden is another actor to have stayed with Teen Wolf throughout its duration, having moved from a supporting character in early seasons to a beloved and vital character in these later seasons.

“I grew up with this gang of boys basically during my entire 20s… and it’s been the craziest ride,” says the actress, who plays Lydia Martin on Teen Wolf. “I probably wouldn’t be acting if it wasn’t for this show.”

Davis added that he feels they have created a Season 6 that will be a “great gift” to Teen Wolf fans, though he wouldn’t elaborate on what he meant by that. Could that mean some old favorites might return for the final season? It would be nice to see Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin) and Allison Argent (Crystal Reed) somehow return to the land of the living in Beacon Hills before the end of Teen Wolf.

While many fans may be devastated, series lead Tyler Posey is hopeful about his future and about ending Teen Wolf on a positive note, long before the series has been beaten to death.

“There’s nothing negative about all this,” said the Teen Wolf actor. “I’m really happy. I’m going to cry my eyes out [at the end]. And it’s going to be an ugly-cry too.”

In sharing the Season 6 trailer, Davis says there were some things he wanted to revisit from past Teen Wolf story arcs. Primarily, Jeff wanted to bring Peter Hale back, because he feels the character has unfinished business with Malia (Shelley Hennig) and Stiles.

Teen Wolf will premiere Season 6 in November.

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