Jill Stein Makes Hillary Clinton ‘Feel The Green’ With One Tweet

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein issued a tweet today that ridiculed Hillary Clinton for apparently trying to exploit Senator Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee.

“Vote your conscience” was the recommendation by Cruz in his speech last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland that prompted a lot of controversy.

After Clinton’s Twitter feed transmitted a follow-on “vote your conscience” tweet, Stein replied as follows on her own social media account which has 164,000 followers.

“Hillary Clinton understands if you can’t vote for a warmongering corporatist like her #VoteYourConscience.”

Stein, 66, is a medical doctor who claimed in recent interviews that “politics is the mother of all illnesses” and that’s why she is now practicing political medicine.

In previous tweets, she described Hillary Clinton as a “faithful servant of the top 1%.” Stein has also called Donald Trump “a racist billionaire.” Among other things, she has also criticized Hillary Clinton for the email scandal and for advocating for the U.S. intervention in Libya, which has devolved into an ISIS enclave.


Stein was the Green Party standard-bearer in 2012 and also unsuccessfully ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010. She is likely to formally secure the 2016 Green Party nomination in August when the group holds its convention in Houston.

With a social justice focus on climate change and eradicating poverty, the far-left Green Party is seen as a natural home for some Bernie Sanders-supporting progressives — i.e., the #BernieOrBust or #NeverHillary cohort that used to #FeelTheBern — who are unenthused about and feel disenfranchised over Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy.

Before Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein offered to step aside for Sanders, her apparent political soulmate, if he decided to run on the Green Party ticket.

According to Stein, predatory banks, war profiteers, and fossil-fuel corporations lead to a rigged economy and a rigged political system. Dr. Stein has denounced Wall Street bailouts, but believes the massive amount of student loan debt can be cancelled by action of the Federal Reserve rather than Congress.


She has also encouraged voters to consider casting a ballot for a third party rather than defaulting to the so-called lesser of two evils. In rejecting the “propaganda” that a vote for the Green Party is a vote for Trump, Jill Stein told NPR that Trump vs. Clinton amounts to a lethal choice that requires the voters “to pick their weapon of self destruction.” Stein’s Twitter page contains a headline statement that it is “time to reject the lesser evil for the greater good.”

In the same interview, the Green Party hopeful also chided Barack Obama for failing to implement a progressive agenda even when Democrats controlled both houses of Congress.

Stein has previously claimed that Hilary Clinton has already done some of the things that Donald Trump says he’s going to do if elected president.


While the protests outside the GOP convention so far have been relatively mild, thousands of die-hard Bernie-or-Bust backers are reportedly heading to Philadelphia, where the Democrats are holding their nominating convention next week, USA TODAY detailed.

“The fact that Sanders said last week he would do ‘everything I can’ to help Clinton beat Republican nominee Donald Trump is not dissuading pro-Sanders protest organizers. They say Americans are frustrated with the Democratic Party establishment, and they’ll still be out to protest in large numbers. It’s ‘We the People’ who are going to continue to lead this revolution, said Billy Taylor, a pro-Sanders activist who was issued permits to hold rallies on each day of the convention. ‘We are not going to vote for the demon named Hillary just because you are threatening us with the devil named Trump’…In interviews, some pro-Sanders protest organizers said they’re still holding on to a thread of hope that a big showing will persuade super delegates committed to Clinton to vote for Sanders.”

Despite their ideological differences, common ground exists between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump to some degree in that they both oppose international trade treaties that often result in manufacturing jobs going overseas and have both denounced the Wall Street and lobbyist cash flowing into Hillary Clinton’s campaign – and the primary campaigns of other Republicans – as well as her vote for the Iraq War. Both have described the party nomination process as rigged.

Actress Susan Sarandon, an ex-Sanders supporter who previously quipped that she “broke up” with Hillary Clinton over various policy issues including Iraq, thinks it would be a good idea if Jill Stein gets a chance to debate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on national television in the fall now that Bernie is out of the picture.

Stein, or any other third-party candidate, would have to garner around 15 percent of the vote in the pre-election polls to get an invite, however.


[Photo by Laura-Chase McGehee/AP Images]