Camille Grammer Hints At Return To ‘Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’

Is it possible that one of the original housewives, Camille Grammer, is returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Camille Grammer has been hinting that she could be returning to RHOBH full-time this coming season, but she teases that the press should ask the higher-ups at Bravo for confirmation.

Camille left after several seasons when her marriage to Kelsey Grammer ended, and she was dealing with a health crisis, but now it seems Camille Grammer is ready to return to RHOBH and mix it up with the ladies.

But even while Camille Grammer was off of RHOBH, she would put her two cents in, according to the Inquisitr. Grammer even made a few appearances at events and parties with the other ladies of RHOBH, but now rumors suggest that Camille Grammer is ready to return full-time to RHOBH, and not just as a friend of the Housewives. Last year, Camille Grammer weighed in on Kim Richards and her legal situation suggesting that she was giving it some time before she got in touch to verify that Richards was okay.


Entertainment Tonight is reporting that Camille Grammer is being coy about her return to RHOBH, or perhaps she doesn’t want to confirm a return until everyone has signed on the dotted line. Recently, Entertainment Tonight caught up with Camille Grammer at the Bravos, and asked her to confirm her comeback.

“Don’t call it a comeback! I don’t know. We’ll see, we’ll see. You gotta talk to Andy [Cohen] about that. We gotta talk to the higher ups.”

Camille hasn’t been part of RHOBH since 2013, and yet she made an appearance at the Bravos, which gave her fans hope that Camille was returning to RHOBH for the next season.


But though Camille Grammer says that her guest appearances on RHOBH was the perfect gig, she might just be ready to dive back into the drama. Camille has given every indication she is ready for something more.

“Oh, I love being a part of it for what, it’s gonna be six, seven seasons? Oh my god, that’s a long time! I call it my dysfunctional family, working with these girls — but no, they’re wonderful. I miss them when I’m not around them. They’re fun.”


WUSA reports that Camille Grammer isn’t just friends with her former cast mates from RHOBH, but she has formed a bond with Erika Jayne, and loves her music. Camille Grammer couldn’t help but gush about Erika Jayne’s show at the Bravos.

“She’s awesome. So much fun. I’m so glad to be here to support her and, you know, rock it out with her and watch her move.”

But Camille Grammer’s time off of RHOBH hasn’t been all wine and roses, as she battled ovarian cancer, which blindsided her, according to Heavy. In September of 2013, Camille Grammer was diagnosed with stage two cancer, and had a hysterectomy before being treated with chemotherapy and radiation. But even with a strong family history of cancer, Camille Grammer found herself in shock.

“I was shocked and numb. That day was surreal. Cancer had always been in the back of my mind because I had the genetic mutation. But I had still always hoped I wouldn’t develop it. I was alone when I got that news and just sat there in disbelief. I didn’t want to cry in front of the doctor and I tried to listen to him as he told me he didn’t know what stage I had. That couldn’t be determined until after my surgery.”


Fortunately, Camille Grammer pulled through her surgery and treatments. Fans will have to wait and see what the higher-ups at Bravo have to say about Camille Grammer returning for good to RHOBH.

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images]