Bernard Tomic Ordered Off Court And Threatened With Arrest By Police Officer Due To Weather Warning: Bizarre Footage Revealed During The Washington Open

Controversial Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic, 23, and his Serbian hitting partner Viktor Troicki, 30, were ordered off the tennis court they were practicing on by a police officer in a bizarre series of events that was caught on camera.

The players were practicing for the Washington Open when the policeman lost his cool and ordered the players off the court apparently saving them from the rain that was about to come down.

The footage, which was posted on social media, shows Bernard Tomic practicing before a policeman walks into the center of the court and threatens to arrest the tennis star. The policeman can be heard in the video telling Bernard Tomic to “get off the court” according to the ABC.

Troicki, who also has a history of outbursts on court and is known as one of the bad boys of the tennis world, complained that it was not raining and gestured his arms towards the sky in exasperation. The policeman continued to order the two tennis players off the court and can be seen advancing towards them as they take steps back and repeat that it is not yet raining.

Tomic can be heard in the short clip asking the policeman; “Why are you getting so close to me?” and stepping back but his evasion was to no avail. The policeman continued to advance on the two tennis players telling them to leave the practice court in an increasingly aggressive fashion.

“Do you want to knock it off now? Knock it off. Leave, come on. Let’s go,” said the policeman.

“I didn’t ask for your permission [to get off the court], I’m telling you.”


Both players manage to keep their cool despite being known as hot heads on and off the court. Tomic approached the officer and tried to reason with him about the forecast of rain and pointed out that the forecast could be wrong.

“Excuse me, sir, but it’s not raining,” he said getting increasingly annoyed at being ordered off the court.

The bizarre argument went on for over a minute before Bernard Tomic and Viktor Troicki shuffled off the dry court in a bemused fashion, not wanting to cause any trouble, according to Yahoo.

It appears that the upset with the policeman affected Bernarnd Tomic’s run in the Washington Open as the tennis player bowed out of the tournament this morning in the third round. Bernard Tomic lost 7-6 (7/4), 6-3 to Croatia’s Ivo Karlovic who’s massive serve was no match for the young Australian player.


Both Troicki and Tomic have bad boy reputations on and off the court but managed the keep their cool in this bizarre situation.

In 2013, Trocki was issued with a 12-month ban for failing to provide an anti-doping blood sample and this year the 30-year-old screamed at a chair umpire calling him the worst umpire ever in the world.

“No way, look at it,” the Serbian 27th seed ranted after a point. “Worst umpire ever in the world. What are you doing? Did you see the ball? You’re so bad,” he added gesturing wildly with his arms.

“Do you know what you did? Do you know what you did? Do you know what you did?” Troicki said with his voice rising with each question as he wagged his index finger at the umpire. “You’re horrible.”

Tomic has a similar record of misbehavior and was arrested in Miami during a drunken party at his $10,000-a-night penthouse apartment. The world number 25-ranked player had to spend the day in a correctional center after being arrested and charged just after 5:00am on a Wednesday. Tomic said he regretted the incident and it helped him to grow up.

“It was definitely my fault,” he said.

“I was asleep on several occasions when they complained at first but it was just a noise complaint.

“Like I said, I’m sorry for the police and the disturbance I caused. I’d like to say I’ve learned [my lesson]. In a different way last night obviously I haven’t, but I have now.”

Both tennis stars managed to avoid controversy this time and it is the policeman that has been left red in the face.


[Photo by Matt Hazledd/Getty Images]