‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Stevie J Is Expecting Another Child, But Not With Joseline Hernandez

Is Stevie J going to be a father again after all? Based on a report from Fameolous, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is about to become a dad again, but not with Joseline Hernandez. Instead, Stevie allegedly knocked up his assistant Ms. Jackson.

According to the shocking report, Ms. Jackson claims that she never slept with Stevie J until after his relationship with Joseline was over. She also verified that Stevie and Joseline were never married and have been split up for several months now.

It wasn’t said how far along she is now, but it is believed that Stevie J’s new woman is very early in her pregnancy. Previously, the depth of their relationship was unknown, possibly because Ms. Jackson keeps her social media locked down tight. Only approved followers can access her Instagram page.

Screenshots of a Ms. Jackson Instagram post have made their rounds despite the private status of the account. The picture shows her with Stevie J and the caption gives it all away. She wrote, “That look when you know what’s real.” She also added a hashtag #teamus to the post, leading many LHHATL fans to wonder if the two are in a relationship now too.

In recent weeks, Joseline Hernandez has been on a mission to destroy Stevie. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star has been on quite a tear spreading rumors about her former fake husband. Now Joseline is claiming to be pregnant and she claims that the baby belongs to Stevie J. If that is true, it means Stevie has two babies coming now and that’s sure to make the Puerto Rican princess pretty angry. Is that the reason she’s been working so hard to destroy her reality star ex?

As for Ms. Jackson, she’s been in Stevie J’s life for some time now as his assistant. VH1 reported last month that Stevie and Ms. J are now business partners and are looking to release a new project. It turns out that the pair has joined forces in order to sell period panties at Wal-Mart. That’s a pretty odd choice for the hard-partying Stevie J and it’s even more ironic if Ms. Jackson is now knocked up because she won’t be needing a pair for quite a while.

What would be even more interesting is if Stevie J and Ms. Jackson came back to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta next season to talk about their new baby if there really is one. After the fake marriage news with Joseline, he’s going to have to prove himself if fans are going to believe him at this point.

Then again, Stevie has certainly remained more credible than Joseline Hernandez, who spent most of Season 5 making up lies. Let’s not forget about the Promise B. Mae story that she spread, causing Mimi Faust and Stevie J to show up at Promise’s door with a DNA test. Viewers come to find out the whole story was made up and Promise had never met Stevie before that day.

Is it possible that Stevie J and Ms. Jackson are really expecting a child together? What if Joseline Hernandez is also pregnant with his baby too? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is even messier than usual this time around and only time will tell just how many more babies Stevie has made.

[Photo by John Brasted/Getty Images]