Michael Owens Live Tweets As Burglar Fails To Break Into His House

Former England striker Michael Owens was preparing for his first outing with his new club when he spotted a man trying to break into his home on Friday night. Owens spotted the potential burglar via his home’s personal security cameras and then began to live tweet the break-in attempt.

Owens didn’t panic; quite the opposite, he found the entire situation hilarious and posted photos from his security cameras along with the caption “great TV tonight.”

In one of the pictures, you can see the burglar’s green van (pictured above) alongside a police car, which showed up in full view of the security camera.

In another tweet, Michael Owens added:

“Been watching some fella on my cameras for an hour weighing up what to nick.”

He then tweeted:

“Police came round while he hid in my woods – they then went and 5 minutes later he runs back to his van and hides in the boot!”

Eventually police caught up with the hiding criminal in the back of his van and placed him under arrest. Owens then tweeted:

“Watched it all laughing my head off as the police returned to drag him out.”

The situation could have turned scary consider that Michael Owens lives in his North Wales home with his wife and four children.

After police made the arrest, the soccer star was quick to offer his thanks.

“Big thanks to the police, top notch,” he tweeted after the man was hauled away for what was surely an embarrassing booking even by criminal charge standards.

Here’s another live tweeted photo from the incident:

Michael Owens Live Tweets Security Camera Breakin Attempt At Home