Renee Graziano Posts A Picture With Her NBA Star Boyfriend, Fans Weigh In About Her New Romance

Could Renee Graziano be a basketball wife in the making? It sure looks that way if you look at her recent Instagram pictures. Renee shared some photos with her followers of her new beau, former NBA superstar, Sam Mack.

Mob Wives OG star Renee Graziano has been pretty unlucky with romance in the past. Her followers showed their support for her after she posted a series of pictures with her new boyfriend and former NBA star, Sam Mack. One of the things you couldn’t help but notice was Renee’s ear-to-ear smile while she posed with Mack. It was apparent that they both were ecstatic. Let’s face it–they look (madly) in love.

Sam Mack is a retired 46-year-old NBA star. He played in the league for over ten years and joined five teams–San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Vancouver Grizzlies, and Golden State Warriors. After leaving the NBA, Mack spent another ten years playing for international teams before officially retiring from basketball in 2013. He appeared in the movies, Air Bud and Golden Reciever.

Renee has not had much luck in the relationship department since divorcing her husband, Hector “Junior” Pagan. Her lack of a love life was put on display during Mob Wives final season. Her son, A.J. wanted his mother to be happy and felt she needed a new man in her life. At the time, Renee felt she was happy single, but slowly warmed up to the idea of sharing her life with someone. On the final episode, Renee admitted she felt lonely, and she thought it was about time she was open to searching for her better half.

Graziano reveals that it took quite some time to find the perfect man. VH1 reported that Renee thinks that Sam Mack may be the right man for her and hopes this will turn into a long-lasting romance. The happy couple shares a series of pictures that display their love for each other. The fans are falling in love with their contagious affection for each other, and the smiles on their face.

On Tuesday, Renee posted a picture that said, “I don’t need a man.” She added that there is a difference between needing and wanting, and it feels good to be in a relationship that she feels appreciated and loved. Fans responded with positive comments and wished her and Sam Mack well as they continue to get to know each other better.

Graziano posted a picture to Instagram with the caption, “It’s the small things that make your heart happy.”

Sam Mack also posted a picture of Renee on his Instagram account and captioned the image, “Beginning of something great.”

Sam Mack is feeling the love too because he labeled her as his “significant other.” Renee’s followers were hyped up and responded by congratulating her on her new romance and wished her well.

Renee Graziano has had her share of heartache over the years. She survived addiction and moved past a troubled marriage and divorce. She raised her son, A.J., and many Mob Wives fans agree that it’s time for Renee to focus on herself and her happiness.

Judging from her social media pictures, Renee Graziano has never looked happier. Not only does she look radiant, but reported that she’s never felt healthier. Mob Wives fans and followers have responded overwhelming positively about Renee Graziano’s new romance with former NBA star, Sam Mack.

Mob Wives fans, are you surprised about Renee Graziano’s new romance? Could you see Graziano on Basketball Wives in the future? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Mob Wives news and updates.

[Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]