Harry Styles Cares About Taylor Swift More Than Calvin Harris Does, Louis Tomlinson Ordered To Pay Briana?

Harry Styles and Calvin Harris have both reportedly made comments about Taylor Swift and the scandal that presently surrounds her, and Louis Tomlinson may have been ordered to pay his ex Briana Jungwirth large monthly sums, if new rumors are to be believed.

Hollywood Life reports that Calvin Harris has made some new comments about the Taylor Swift/Kim Kardashian/Kanye West scandal, and the Scottish producer is firmly focused on himself.

“Calvin is relieved that all this Kanye West controversy didn’t happen when he was still with Taylor. He feels fortunate that he’s not involved in all the drama.

Calvin states that he is relieved that the scandal did not break while he was dating Taylor Swift, because he would have had to defend her.

“He was always very protective over Taylor and having to deal with this mess would have been really stressful.”

Harry Styles had a slightly more compassionate response when he heard of his ex-girlfriend’s problems, reports Hollywood Life. Harry apparently said that he “feels sorry” for Taylor.

“They have definitely had their differences, but Harry actually feels kind of bad for Taylor. He’s not about to voice his opinion, but just thinks the whole thing has gotten out of control.”

Harry is currently developing his film career, starring in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk.Styles also took time out to rub shoulders with political figures like Baroness Angela Smith and Lord Robert Winston, reports Metro.

Baroness Angela Smith spoke about how charming and impressive Harry is.

He was great, I have to say, a pretty impressive young man, very nice and I had a bit of a chat with him. I’m a little bit older than most Harry Styles fans so the young women in my office are very cross and I don’t think they’re ever going to forgive me.

In fact, Harry may have made a sly reference to his creatively fulfilling new life, and the prestigious circles he moves in, when he spoke about Taylor Swift.

Harry apparently said that “in his world” of Brexit meetings and method acting alongside Mark Rylance, Twitter wars just don’t seem that important.

Was Harry taking a dig at Taylor Swift and scoffing about the petty clashes she is having with Kanye and Kim in the world of celebrity feuds?

In his world, he doesn’t understand this whole Twitter bashing with people taking sides. Harry finds it all quite bizarre and amusing.

Harry Styles has demonstrated in the past that he has a hipster, bohemian streak. Styles is politically progressive and avoids popular practices like selfie-taking and social media flame wars, reports Sugarscape.

Hell will actually freeze over before he posts a selfie…. Unless you’re attracted to empty egg boxes and raindrops trickling down a window pane, his Insta feed has nothing for you.

Overall, Harry Styles seemed to show a lot more concern for Taylor than her more recent beau Calvin Harris did. Perhaps time and distance helps to heal the wounds that a tryst with Taylor creates. Styles has definitely had a lot more time to get over the relationship than Calvin Harris has.

When Harry and the one Direction guys appeared on Ellen, Harry brushed off the topic of Taylor Swift, ignoring the fact that Ellen’s audience was very interested.

Oh, stop.

There is still a chance the career-damaging flame war between Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift could escalate.

Hollywood Life reports that Calvin Harris felt “emasculated” by Swift’s revelation that she was involved in writing “This Is What You Came For,” his biggest hit. The talented producer and leg day enthusiast previously made waves when he refused to stand by Taylor Swift as she won her Grammy, and even reportedly ruined Rita Ora’s album by not allowing her rights to perform tracks he had written, reports The Sun.

Calvin wrote the beats and music for “This Is What You Came For,” while Swift wrote the melody and lyrics. Lines like “Everybody’s watching her/but she’s looking at you,” indeed have a Taylor Swift-ish ring to them, capturing the sort of dreamy euphoria that one feels when everything is going to plan in a romantic situation. Swift did a great job writing this way for a teen girl market in songs like “Enchanted,” and in Calvin Harris’ track she does the same thing with a gender flip, evoking a scenario where all the guy’s mates are staring at the hottest girl on the dancefloor but she only has eyes for “you.”

Taylor may be a talented lyricist and Calvin a great producer, and vice versa, but both have damaging information they could leak about the other.

Hollywood Life reports that Swift is terrified Calvin Harris will leak her secrets to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The mag reports that Calvin Harris has threatened to spill secrets that could destroy Swift’s career. The DJ promises he will do it “if she pushes him.”

“Calvin knows a lot of Taylor’s secrets. She confided in him a lot about her feuds with Katy Perry and Kanye. She had conversations with Calvin specifically about Kanye and his obsession with Taylor.”

Meanwhile, a rumor is floating around saying that Louis Tomlinson and ex Briana Jungwirth have gone to court, and things are looking bad for Tomlinson at this stage.

#StayStrongLouis started trending on Twitter as the rumor spread, with fans encouraging Louis Tomlinson and his family to continue fighting for a fair arrangement.

Daily Mail reports that Louis was considering settling out of court provided that Briana allowed him to approve pictures of their son before she posted them on social media.

Louis Tomlinson reportedly believes that Briana’s demanding and “inconsistent” behavior stems from her jealousy over his new girlfriend Danielle Campbell. Tomlinson began dating Campbell while Jungwirth was still pregnant.

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